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The Core Science Curriculum


Fall Term Course Name Credit Hrs
GCC501 Molecular Biology: Genome to Proteome 2
GCC502 Cellular Biochemistry: Proteins, Transport and Signaling 2
GCC520 Intro to Pharmacology & Physiology I 3
BTN524 Communications in Laboratory Management 1
BTN525 Experimental Design & Experimental Model Development 2
BTN531 Laboratory Techniques I (introduction to laboratory: good laboratory practices, data management) 2

Laboratory Techniques II (tissue culture; cell sorting)




Spring Term Course Name Credit Hrs
GCC503 Functional Cell Biology 1
GCC504 Functional Tissue Biology 2
GCC506 Biomedical Ethics 1
GCC507 Medical Research Strategies/Statistics 2
GCC508 Writing Practicum 2
GCC521 Intro to Pharmacology and Physiology II 3
BTN523 Tools for Research (Experimentation II) 1
BTN533 Laboratory Techniques III (electrophorsis; genomics; transformation; transfection; PCR) 2
BTN534 Laboratory Techniques IV (study design; animal handling; surgical techniques) 2
BTN535 Laboratory Techniques V (ELISA; chromatography; densitometry/imaging) 2
BTN536 Laboratory Techniques VI (histo- and immunochemistry; microscopy) 2



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