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When the applicant enters the program, a research advisor is assigned, and the student begins directed research on an active project. In the first three quarters, there is minimal research as classroom studies are emphasized. During these quarters, both master's and doctoral Graduate College students take the Graduate Core Curriculum (GCC) classes and required pharmacology (PHR) courses. The summer quarter is devoted to laboratory research. Although research predominates in?the second year, the student also takes the medical school pharmacology sequence and additional electives. For master's and doctoral students, the research experience differs in the second year. Master's students are involved in a directed research project, while doctoral students are developing a novel research project.

For doctoral students the emphasis is on research in years three through five and a typical registration is as listed below. While registrations appear similar in years three through five, the nature and character of the research changes and the student passes through a number of steps towards completing his/her doctoral degree.

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