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Students are required to pass a combination of oral and written comprehensive examinations towards the end of their second year and after completion of the required course work. If a student fails the comprehensive examinations, he/she will be given a second chance six months later. A student who fails again will be terminated. Throughout the first two years of required course work, a student whose grade point average falls below a B will be placed on academic probation.

A student who completes the comprehensive examinations successfully is admitted to candidacy and qualifies for the PhD dissertation proposal defense. Students choose a preceptor to supervise their research during the first year of residence. The preceptor and the student gather an advisory committee which is chaired by a core faculty member of the program, and includes the preceptor and at least three other members, one from within the program, one from another division within the institution, and one neuroscientist from another institution. The thesis proposal should be in the format of an NIH grant application and will be defended before the student?s advisory committee.

The rest of the student's time in residence is spent on the PhD dissertation research. Each student dissertation is evaluated by a neuroscientist from another institution who is an expert in the specific area of research.

Additional policies are listed in the Graduate College and in the Academic Information sections.
For more information, see the Rush University Catalog.


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