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The program is preceptor based. The study and research schedule outlined below should be completed within four to five years of full-time study beyond the bachelor's degree. The minimal residence requirement established by the Graduate College, which is eight quarters of full-time enrollment of at least 12 credit hours per quarter, is followed.

During the first two years, students are expected to complete required course work and deficiencies, if any. First year required courses consist of the medical college neurobiology and physiology courses. A graduate student is expected to receive a grade of at least B in these courses. In addition, a graduate student's committee will advise the student to take at least two additional basic science courses offered by the medical school (or the Graduate College) to be chosen from among neuropharmacology, biochemistry, various courses offered in cell and molecular biology, immunology and microbiology depending on background and need for thesis research. In the summer quarter of the first year of study and the fall of the second year, all students are required to enroll in and pass a statistics and experimental design course. During the first two years of study, students rotate through various laboratories involved in the program and learn certain techniques commonly in use in neuroscience laboratories. The requirement is mastery of four techniques outside the one(s) that is (are) used by the student in his/her research.

The major required course in the second year of study is an Advanced Neuroscience Proseminar taught jointly by participating faculty. A seminar format is used that encourages extensive discussion and student participation.

A course entitled "Selected Topics in Neuroscience" is available to advanced students (in their third or fourth year of residence) for credit. The offerings in this course change from year to year depending on demand and interest, and the course is taught by different faculty members.

In addition to coursework, students are encouraged to participate in and carry out independent research in their first two years of residence.

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