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Funded Projects-Research

Faculty Member

Project Title

Funding Source

Asadi, Farrokh Increased Coexpression of Interleukin-6(IL-6) and Parathyroid Hormone Related Peptide (PThrp): A Potential Therapeutic Target and/or a Prognostic Marker for Prostate Cancer Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund
Breitenstein, Susan Digital Delivery of a Parent-Training Program for Urban, Low-Income Parents Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars
Breitenstein, Susan An Innovative Web-Based Adaptation fo the Chicago Parent Program Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund
Buchholz, Susan Physical Activity Text Messaging Intervention for a Food Service Employee Population 2013 Rush Pilot Projects for Research
Buchholz, Susan Development of a Text Walking Data Bank for Text4Walking Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund

Catrambone, Cathy

Promotion of the Illinois Tobacco Quitline (IEDASP)

Illinois Department of Public Health

Catrambone, Cathy Illinois Emergency Department Asthma Surveillance Project (IEDASP) Illinois Department of Health
Catrambone, Cathy Promotion of the Illinois Tobacco Quitline through Integration of Referral Form in the Electronic Health Record (IEDASP) Illinois Department of Health
Cothran, Fawn African American Dementia Caregivers' Perceptions, Skill, and Mental Health Outcomes John A. Hartford Foundation
Delaney, Kathleen CAPE:  Patient-Centered Quality Assessment of Psychiatric Inpatient Environments Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
Farran, Carol Using Technology to Deliver Evidence-Based Interventions to Alzheimer's Caregivers National Institute on Aging
Fogg, Louis Adolescent Sleep Delay: Circadian Regulation and Phase Shifting with Light National Institute of Health - Co-I with Crowley (RUMC)
Fogg, Louis Sleep Length and Circadian Regulation in Humans National Institute of Health -Co-I with Burgess (RUMC)
Fogg, Louis Circadian Phase Assessments at Home National Institute of Health - Co-I with Burgess (RUMC)
Fogg, Louis Racial Differences in Human Circadian Rhythms National Institute of Health - Co-I with Eastman (RUMC)
Fogg, Louis Multidisciplinary Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Insomnia National Institute of Health - Co-I with Ong (RUMC) 
Hamilton, Rebekah Decision-making When Living with a BRCA Mutation Over 5-8 Year Time Period Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund
Hamilton, Rebekah A Longitudinal Study of Women Living with a BRCA Mutation ISONG
Julion, Wrenetha The African American Non-Resident Fatherhood Program National Institute of Nursing Research
Kleinpell, Ruth Project Dispatch: Disseminating Patient-Centered Outcomes Research to Healthcare Professions AHRQ (Subaward with The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM)
Kleinpell, Ruth Assessing the Impact of Telemedicine on ICU Nursing Care American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Mayahara, Masako Impact of Digital Pain and Analgesic Diary in Reducing Medication Error in a Hospice Setting 2013 Rush Pilot Projects for Research

Meier, Paula

Accelerating Adoption of Comparative Effectiveness Research in Premature Infants

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Subcontract with Duke University)

Miller, Arlene Patient Centered Predictors and Outcomes of Interprofessional Care Coordination

Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund

Moss, Angela Cost Analysis of a Nurse-Managed Workplace Wellness & Primary Care Clinic National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Reed, Monique Exploring Family Systems and Preferences for Obesity Prevention Strategies with African American Mother/Daughter Dyads Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund
Semanik, Pamela Mobil-Wise: Mobile Phone Remote Coaching after Worksite Joint Adventure Exposure National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
Semanik, Pamela Knee OA:  Predictors and Outcomes of Physical Inactivity-Activity Transitions National Institute of Health - Co-I with Dunlop (Northwestern University)
Semanik, Pamela Methodology Core for MCRC NU Rheumatology Division National Institute of Health - Co-I with Chang (Northwestern University)
Semanik, Pamela Planning Activity and Nutrition Trial in Lupus to Energize & Renew National Institute of Health - Co-I with Ramsey-Goldman/Ehrlich-Jones (Northwestern University)
Staffileno, Beth An eHealth Lifestyle for Young African-American Women at Risk for Hypertension Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund
Swanson, Barbara Impact of Fish OIl on the HIV-Infected Aging Intestine Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund
Fish Oil for HIV-Related Immunosenescence National Institute of Health (Part of NIH P20 Center Grant with L. Barnes)

Wilbur, JoEllen 

Reducing Health Disparity in African American Women: Physical Activity Adherence

National Institutes of Nursing Research

Developing an Intervention to Prevent Visceral Fat in Premenopausal Women (CBID) National Institute of Health Co-I with L. Powell (Rush University)
The Life Program: A Behavioral Approach to Glycemic Control in African Americans National Institute of Health Co-I with E. Lynch (Rush University)
Wilbur, JoEllen BAILA: Being Active, Increasing Latinos Health Aging National Institute of Nursing Research Subaward with D. Marquez (University of Chicago)
Worley, Judy Psychiatric Prescribers' Lived Experience with Patients who Engage in Doctor Shopping Rush University College of Nursing Research Fund


Funded Projects-Education & Training

Faculty Member

Project Title

Funding Source

Buchholz, Susan Advanced Education Nurse Traineeship (AENT) Health Resources & Services Administration

Miller, Joanne

Project AGE: Accessing Gerontological Education

Health Resources and Services Administration

Miller, Joanne Advanced Nursing Education:  Interprofessional Education Pediatrics through the Ages (IPEPA) Health Resources & Services Administration

Rosenberg, Lisa

New Careers in Nursing

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Swider, Susan Advanced Public Health Nursing (APHN) Leadership: Strategies for Education and Practice Health Resources & Services Administration
School Health Centers Expansion Project Health Resources and Services Administration
Simpson, Crane, and Orr Mental Health Services Polk Brothers Foundation

Wideman, Marilyn

Prenatal & Postpartum Health Center for at Risk Pregnant and Parenting Youth at Simpson Academy for Young Women

March of Dimes

Wideman, Marilyn, Moss, Angela

Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program

Health Resources and Service Administration; Howard Brown Health Center


Funded Student Projects

Student Name

Project Title

Funding Source

Griswold, Carol The Prenatal Care at School (PAS) Program March of Dimes
Halloway, Shannon The Relation between Physical Activity and Cognitive Change in Older Latinos (F31)

NINR Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award for Individual Predoctoral Fellows in Nursing Research (F31)

Heitschmidt, Mary Quality of LIfe in Adults with Atrial Septal Defects Rush University College of Nursing Doctoral Dissertation Award
Mohr, Lynn Adolescent Perspectives Following Ostomy Surgery: A Grounded Theory Study

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Foundation

Ward, Jessica A Descriptive Analysis of the Relationship of Child Health-Related Quality of Life with Biological and Psychological Parameters of Parental Distress in the Acute Phase of Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Nursing Research Traineeship, Children's Oncology Group, Lurie Children's Hospital


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