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About Rush University
The Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation (RCCSS) was established in 2002 through the direction of founding members, David M. Rothenberg, MD, FCCM, and Margaret Faut-Callahan, DNSc, CRNA, and a generous bequest from the estate of Mrs. Alverin M. Cornell.

RCCSS strives for excellence in simulation education for trainees and clinicians from all health care disciplines, multidisciplinary crisis management training, and research. RCCSS provides opportunities to emulate rare, as well as frequently-occurring clinical conditions. During training scenarios, participants provide care to an array of human patient simulators that replicate myriad signs, symptoms and conditions. The scenarios are recorded digitally as well as projected in real time to an adjoining classroom for others to view. Following completion of a scenario, participants review their performance through a stuctured debriefing process.

The RCCSS mission is to provide data-based curriculum with quantified learning objectives, focused on the integration of didactics, procedural competencies, critical thinking and teamwork for all health care professionals using high-fidelity human patient simulators as well as clinical task trainers. To fullfill this mission, additional instructional technology is added regularly to RCCSS.

RCCSS Directory

To learn more about RCCSS faculty and staff click on the "Faculty/Staff Profiles" link at the bottom of the left hand navigation on the previous page, or click on a name below.

Michael Kremer, PhD, CRNA, FAAN
Michelle Sergel, MD

RUSL Manager
Nathan Walsh, AS, ST

Photo caption: The control room at the Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation

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