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Applicants must complete the pre-professional requirements. An overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale is required. Students are accepted at the beginning of fall and, space permitting, winter quarters. Fall admission is recommended. In addition to fulfillment of academic requirements, a personal interview, conducted by members of the Admission Committee, is required for admission. Interviews are behaviorally-oriented and take about an hour. Questions focus on commitment, problem solving ability, team interaction and initiative. Applicants are asked for life experience situations in which these behavioral characteristics are demonstrated. At the time of the interview, each applicant may be asked to write a short essay. Essays are evaluated for grammar, spelling, content and overall quality of written communication. Applications are ranked on the basis of grades in prerequisite courses, references, interview results and the written essay. Applicants who have taken their prerequisite course work at a university outside the United States must have their course work evaluated by the Education Credentials Evaluators (ECE). In addition, TOEFL scores must be submitted.

The following prerequisites are required for admission:

  1. The following courses are required before a student comes to the Rush campus:
    • 24 quarter hours (16 semester hours) of chemistry (organic, quantitative analysis and biochemistry recommended)
    • 18 quarter hours (12 semester hours) of biology (anatomy and physiology, microbiology and genetics recommended)
    • 4 quarter hours (3 semester hours) of mathematics (algebra and statistics recommended)
    • In some cases courses taken at a college or university outside of the United States may be considered to meet some prerequisite requirements but they must be evaluated and considered equivalent to U.S. courses by the Education Credentials Evaluation (ECE).
  2. Applicants must fill out an application through AHCAS or by submitting an online General Application through the Rush University website.
    Applicants who choose to fill out the AHCAS application can submit their application to more than one program and or institution through the AHCAS system.
    Those who submit the application through the Rush University General Application site will only be applying to Rush University and must submit the appropriate documents for admission consideration.
  3. Affiliated students must successfully complete all pre-admission course work and be recommended by the affiliate's Health Career Advisor.
  4. An overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  5. Personal interview
  6. TOEFL if English is not the applicant's first language.
  7. Students who have not completed all requirements for entry into the Bachelor of Science program may petition the Department of Medical Laboratory Science for consideration for admission. Such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Minimum Core General Education Requirements

Effective January 1, 2009 all entering students must complete the following core general education requirements in order to be eligible for the Bachelor in Science degree awarded by Rush University:

Requirements Semester Hours Quarter Hours
Two courses in communications (English composition)
Composition is required
6 9
One course in mathematics (college algebra or higher) 3 4
Two courses in life sciences (anatomy, biology, microbiology, pathophysiology, physiology) 6 9
One course in physical sciences (chemistry, physics) 3 4
One course in social sciences (government, history, political science, psychology, sociology) 3 4
One course in humanities (ethics, fine arts, literature, philosophy)
Performance courses do not meet this requirement
3 4
Elective courses in communications, computer science, ethics, fine arts, humanities, life sciences, literature, philosophy, physical sciences or social sciences to total 36 semester (56 quarter) hours 36 56
Total Hours of Required and Elective Courses: 60 90


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