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Research Activities
Faculty, clinicians and students collaborate and work in research teams to develop and implement projects that will help facilitate the generation of evidence for occupational therapy clinical practice and education.  Recent studies have focused on:
Occupational Therapy Student Impact on Clinician Productivity
Becky Ozelie, Janet Janow, Corinne  Kreutz, Mary Kate Mulry and Ashley Penkala
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Cortical Excitability
Bev Myers, Kellyn Bailey, Gina DeMarco, Kathryn Green and Patricia Murphy
Do Admissions Interviews Effect NBCOT Pass Rates?
Molly Bathje, Elaina Dixon, Leah McDonald, Nicole Nesslar and Diane Weidner
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Vocational Rehab Following TBI  
Nina Robins, Gina La Ruffa, Courtney Pollock, Alyssa Woodrum, Rachel Harris and Sam Moretti
Impact of First Year Clinical Practicum Experiences on Level II Fieldwork Performance
Linda Olson, Nadia Alvarez, Halina Bednarz, Faith Mitchell and Pnina Schaffel
Psychological Flexibility and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
James Hill, Marie Doyle, Jocelyn Perrin, Rebecca Peryea and Laura Robertson
Mental Illness and Sensory Modulation Disorder
Linda Olson, Brittany Doyle, Joshua Hoffstadter, Audrey Phillips, Lindsay Seninger and Lauren Tesmond
Determining Magnitude of Change in Cortical Excitability after Active-Passive Bilateral Priming
Mary Ellen Stoykov, Emily Hare, Antonia Kam and Eileen Scott
The Relationship between Admission Occupational Therapy Practitioners: Personality Type and Practice Setting.
Brenda Koverman, Renee Domzalski, Gina LoCoco and Michelle Hanawalt
How are Academic Programs Meeting the New ACOTE Psychosocial Fieldwork Standard?
Linda Olson, Teodora Djondo and Annette Rice
Unilateral Priming for Upper Extremity Hemiparesis
Mary Ellen Stoykov, Kara Mansk, Joshua Kwon, Katherine Bole, Molly Maletich, Cheryl Oommen and Amy Mikolajczak
Analysis of Outcomes for an ACT based OT intervention.
James Hill, Jennifer Manabat, Terrell Chaney, Joanna Feret and Marissa Mejia
Maximizing Efficiency of Stereognosis Testing in Patients with CVA
Beverly Myers, Laura M Cooley, Lauren Farmer, Jamie Long, Victoria L Nalezny, Elizabeth R Nelson,  Lisa Recher and Mark Torres
The Relationship between Admission Criteria and Fieldwork Performance in a Masters Level OT Program: Implications for Admissions.
Rebecca Ozelie, Molly Bathje, Anne Janota, Adina Sacarea, Elizabeth De Avila, Lee Ann Ferguson and Robin Garfinkel
Examining Sensory Processing Disorder in Individuals with Mental Illness
Linda Olson, Molly Brown, Kate Ciancio, Kaitlin Roche, Barbara Sellers and Carly Steurer

Annual Daniel Corcos Research Symposium 
Rush University Master of Science candidates presented their Capstone Research Projects at the First Annual Daniel Corcos Research Symposium held at Rush University Medical Center.  In addition to student research presentations, the event honored Dr. Corcos’s contribution to research in Parkinson’s disease, neuroscience, and translational research in occupational therapy.  Dr. Corcos gave the keynote address “Therapeutic Effects of Exercise in Parkinson’s Disease” and included a summary of results of a randomized clinical trial examining the effect of OT on individuals with Parkinson’s Disease (OTiP). The study, recently published in Lancet Neurology, was authored by Sturkenboom and colleagues. Daniel Corcos, PhD, is Professor of Neurological Sciences at Rush University and Professor of Physical Therapy and Movement Science at Northwestern University. 
Daniel Corcos Graduate Research Day
Keynote Address: Therapeutic Effects of Exercise in Parkinson’s Disease.  Daniel Corcos, PhD
Occupational Therapy Graduate Research Masters Project:
Cortical Excitation Levels when using PNF Patterns vs. Cardinal Plane Motion in Hand Opening.
Kellyn Bailey, Kathryn Green, Patricia Murphy and Gina DeMarco
Faculty Advisor: Beverly Myers, MPHE, CHT, OTR/L; Secondary: Mary Ellen Stoykov, PhD, OTR/L
Supervision of Occupational Therapy Level II Fieldwork Students: Impact on and Predictors of Clinician Productivity.
Janet Janow, Corinne Kreutz, Mary Kate Mulry and Ashley Penkala
Faculty Advisor:   Rebecca Ozelie, DHS, OTR/L, BCPR
Cortical Excitability following one Session of Bilateral Priming in Stroke Survivors.
Antonia Kam, Emily C. Hare and Eileen Scott
Faculty Advisor:  Mary Ellen Stoykov, PhD, OTR/L
Factors Associated with Employment Success for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury Following Vocational Rehabilitation
Courtney Pollock, Gina LaRuffa, Rachel Harris, Samantha Moretti and Alyssa Woodrum
Faculty Advisors:  Nina Robins, PhD, OTR/L; Louis Fogg, PhD
The Impact of Clinical Practicum Experiences on Level II Fieldwork Scores
Nadia Alvarez, Hali Bednarz, Faith Mitchell and Pnina Schaffel
Faculty Advisor: Linda M. Olson, PhD, OTR/L
Do Admissions Interviews Impact Student Retention and NBCOT Pass Rates?
Elaina Dixon, Stephen Jankowiak, Leah McDonald, Nicole Nesslar and Diane Weidner
Faculty Advisor: Molly M. Bathje, MS, OTR/L
The Relationship Between Sensory Modulation Disorder and Affective Disorders.
Joshua Hoffstadter, Audrey Phillips, Lindsay Seninger, Brittany Springfield and Lauren Tesmond
Faculty Advisor: Linda Olson, PhD, OTR/L
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