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The information provided here is an attempt to answer some of the questions those who are interested in our program ask.

Level I Programs Offered: This center offers programs of full-time Level I ACPE. Full-time Level I units are offered four times a year (starting in January, March, June and September). During a full-time unit, students will engage in at least 400 hours of training. At Rush, the expectation is that half of the 400 hours are spent in direct ministry activities and the other half in student learning activities.

Admission Process: Decisions regarding admission to the Intern ACPE program are based on a completed standard ACPE application form (available from us or the ACPE website and either an admissions interview with a member of our staff or the report of an admissions interview conducted by another ACPE supervisor. The minimum requirements for acceptance into a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) include either graduation from high school/GED or ordination (equivalent) by a faith community or commission to function in ministry by an appropriate religious authority. In cases where the applicant has already successfully completed one or more units of CPE, the application should include copies of the evaluations of that unit from both the student and supervisor. Pending a review of such applications, the requirement for an admissions interview may be waived.

Applications should be submitted three to six months prior to the start of the unit for which you are applying, except for the summer unit. Summer unit applicants are advised to apply in the fall (October, November and December) prior to the summer. The summer unit is convenient for many seminary students; therefore, the demand for positions is high and applications are received earlier. All applicants will be contacted within two weeks of receipt of their completed application, informing them of the status of their application and the process that will be used in making final decisions.

It is acceptable for applicants to apply simultaneously to more than one center for any unit of ACPE. However, we request that you indicate, in a cover letter, whether you are applying to any centers other than ours, and that you indicate some relative order of preference for the centers to which you are applying. There is no fee charged for applying to this center; however, there is a $75 fee for any formal admissions interviews conducted here.

Clinical Experience and On-Call: The Medical Center offers most general and medical specialty services. All CPE students at this center can expect to be exposed to a wide range of patient-care situations during the course of their training, especially during on-call duty. Intern CPE students are generally assigned to two or more general medical, surgical or pediatric units, or to one of the specialized intensive care units as their primary area of pastoral responsibility. In addition, CPE interns carry significant responsibility within the departments provision on daily, 24-hour on-call pastoral coverage in the medical center. Students can expect to be on-call every seven to 10 days, including weekends and holidays, during the unit. The department provides meals, rooms and shower facilities for the on-call chaplain.

Supervision: The Intern ACPE program at this center will be supervised by a staff supervisor certified by ACPE or a supervisory candidate under the supervision of a certified ACPE supervisor.

Stipends and Benefits: This center does not offer stipends for persons enrolled in its Intern ACPE program. Free parking is available for quarter students. Single unit students should maintain their own health insurance programs for non-work-related medical needs. In addition, it should be noted that because the Intern ACPE training program is an intensive one, we strongly discourage applicants from planning on any additional part-time work or studies during the program. Some exceptions to this policy can be made, but only within carefully contracted guidelines.

Tuition:: The tuition for the program is $550 per unit of training.  There are four units in the program year. Fees are subject to change.

Housing: Students are expected to make their own housing arrangements. The Rush University Office of Student Affairs has a booklet, which provides some assistance, and its staff is available to discuss housing options.

Location and Transportation: The Medical Center is located approximately two miles due west of downtown Chicago, in the Illinois Medical Center District. It is directly adjacent to two lines of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Rapid Transit System, as well as several bus routes. It is also adjacent to I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway). Parking is available in the Medical Center's garage. There is no charge for parking.

Send further requests for information to:

The Rev. Mark Tabbut, MDiv, BCC
Department of Religion, Health and Human Values
Rush University Medical Center
1653 West Congress Parkway, 511 Kidston
Chicago, IL 60612-3833
Phone: (312) 942-5560
Fax: (312) 942-2987


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