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The information provided here is an attempt to answer some of the questions those interested in our program commonly ask.

Program Year: Our year-long ACPE program (also called a residency year) begins in early September of each year. Admission to the program at other times is possible but rare. The major exceptions are when a current resident drops out of the program or a prospective resident does not need a stipend to support his or her training.

Admission: To be considered for the program, applicants should submit a standard ACPE application form (available from us), including copies of the student's and supervisor's evaluation of all previous quarters of training, and a brief statement of goals for the proposed training. Based on a review of this material, interviews are scheduled at Rush. The cost of travel for these interviews must be borne by the applicant. In most cases at least one prior unit of CPE is a prerequisite for admission. However exceptions have been made regarding this preference.

Serious consideration of applications begins after January 1 of the year in which the candidate hopes to begin training. Applications are reviewed and interviews scheduled after this date. Decisions on an application may be made soon after an interview. In many cases no decision will be made until further applicants have been interviewed. Candidates are advised when they might expect a response and the candidate's need for a response by a specific date can be taken into account. We generally try to have all decisions made and the program filled by late winter to early spring.

In addition to our stipend residency positions, we will consider additional applications from candidates who do not require a stipend to support their training.

Benefits: The Medical Center provides several options for low-cost health and dental coverage for the resident. Family coverage can be purchased for an additional cost. The coverage does not begin until after one month of employment. Several of these options have poor outpatient mental health provisions, but in other respects they are excellent. Where applicable, under IRS regulations, a portion of the stipend may be designated as housing allowance and is not subject to income tax.

Residents are also entitled to two weeks of vacation and six holidays. Vacation and holidays must be negotiated and scheduled with supervisors and peers to ensure adequate coverage for pastoral services within the medical center.

Tuition: The tuition for the three unit Residency year is $200 per unit/$600 annually. The tuition fee is subject to change.

Housing:The medical center has no housing available for students in this program. Students are expected to make their own housing arrangements. The Rush University Office of Student Affairs has a booklet which provides some assistance, and their staff is available for further discussion. The Department of Religion, Health and Human Values may be able to offer some leads.

Location and Transportation: The Medical Center is located approximately two miles due west of downtown Chicago, in the Illinois Medical District. It is directly adjacent to two lines of the Chicago Transit Authority's rapid transit system, as well as several bus routes. It is also adjacent to I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway). Parking is available in the medical center's garage and lots. Prices for parking vary depending on the options you select.

Clinical Experience: The medical center offers almost every conceivable general and specialty service. All ACPE students can expect to be exposed to this wide range of patient care situations especially during on-call duty. Currently, we have residents in maternal/child health care, medical oncology, gerontology, critical care and surgery. Clinical subspecialty areas and a candidate's interest are discussed during the interview process.

On-Call and Worship: CPE residents carry significant responsibility for the department's provision of daily, on-site, 24-hour pastoral coverage in the medical center. During a typical quarter a resident can expect to be on call once every seven to 10 days. These rotations include nights and weekends. The department provides meals, room and shower facilities for the on-call chaplain.

Personal Therapy: Over the years we have found that residents who have not had intensive personal psychotherapy prior to beginning their ACPE training with us will often enter into it during their residency. We value the self-understanding that such therapy provides. We also find concurrent psychotherapy enables more time for focus on professional issues in the ACPE setting. Center staff do not provide therapy for center students, but when requested can make referrals to competent therapists of all professional backgrounds. To summarize: Personal therapy is not required at this center, but it is strongly recommended.

Find Out More About Us online:  Further information about the medical center and the Deparmtent of Religion, Health and Human Values can be found at : For information about the Department of Religion, Health and Human Values can be found on

Find Out More About ACPE on the Internet: Further information about CPE in general and about the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) is available at

For Further Information: Requests for further information and applications for training should be adressed to:

The Rev. Mark Tabbut, MDiv, BCC
Department of Religion, Health and Human Values
Rush University Medical Center
1653 West Congress Parkway, 511 Kidston
Chicago, IL 60612-3833
Phone: (312) 942-5560
Fax: (312) 942-2987

This Residency Program is accredited by:
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
One West Court Square, Suite 325
Decatur, GA 30033
Phone: 404-320-1472
Fax: 404-320-0849
ACPE email:

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