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Rush Medical College is strongly committed to the selection of individuals who will become vital members of the medical community as students, practitioners, educators and researchers. Therefore, applicants are selected on the basis of multiple factors. Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on the preparation of physicians who will function chiefly as medical practitioners and who will be committed to the delivery of quality health care to a variety of populations, including those now underserved.
Because Rush seeks to educate and train physicians who will be committed to meeting society's health care needs, the Committee on Admissions seeks excellence in academic achievement and values, individual goals, personal accomplishments and related experiences. The committee looks for individuals who exhibit social and intellectual maturity, personal integrity, empathy, professionalism and motivation for medicine. A personal interview is a vital part of the admissions process. All interviews are conducted on-campus and are granted at the discretion of the Committee on Admissions.
In addition to academic accomplishments, the Committee on Admissions places strong emphasis on the applicant's humanistic concerns, maturity, and demonstrated motivation for a career in medicine.
The following attributes, behaviors and characteristics are valued in the selection of candidates for admission. The candidate should
  • display leadership abilities as demonstrated by experiences during and since his or her undergraduate program.
  • demonstrate the value of community service evidenced by ongoing engagement and experience in programs over the past three to five years.
  • exhibit high moral character and solid judgment as expressed in the AMCAS application and in the LORs.
  • embrace diversity demonstrated by involvement, participation and interactionin experiences within various cultures, settings and/ore communities different from his or her own.
  • show a commitment to the field of medicine with experiences that serve people and/or patients and knowledge of medicine demonstrated by participation in co-curricular activities related to medicine.
  • show excellence in academic achievement.
Additional facets of the applicants’ experiences that are important to the selection include, but are not limited to,
  • previous health care experiences and/or employment
  • research experience
  • self-reflection, insight and judgment
  • fluency in other languages
  • time spent in another career
  • teaching
*Because of the variety of undergraduate programs and experiences that our applicants possess, we no longer consider a list of courses a reasonable expression of 'requirements' for the medical college program.

Below is a breakdown of RMC's 2013-2014 matriculants:

AMCAS Applications Received 8534

Completed Applications 5661

Number of Interviews
    Illinois Resident 164
    Out-of-State Resident 219
Number of 2012-2013 Matriculants
    Female 69
    Male 59

Number of States of Residence of Matriculants 24

Number of Undergraduate Institutions of Matriculants

Advanced Degrees
    Bachelor's 128
    Master's 15
    Doctorate 1

Average Science GPA   (4-pt scale) 3.56

 Average MCAT Score - Composite 30.28
    Average MCAT Score - BIO 10.4
    Average MCAT Score - PHY 10.4
    Average MCAT Score - VER 9.5

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