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Clinical Curriculum
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Clinical Curriculum

The third- and fourth-year curriculum provides students with training in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment in a variety of clinical settings. 

Immediately prior to the M3 year, students complete the CRASH (Clinical Resources And Skills for the Hospital) Course—an intensive introduction to clinical medicine. The CRASH course is designed to reinforce the clinical skills introduced during the M1 and M2 years and to introduce new skills that will be utilized throughout the clerkships. Most of students’ time is spent in small-group interactive sessions.
The M3 year is comprised of both required core clerkships and elective clerkships through which students have the opportunity to begin exploring areas of interest. Core clerkships are offered at Rush University Medical Center or at The John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County (formerly Cook County Hospital. 
Students participate in the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) in the spring of the M3 year. The CSA assesses students’ clinical skills through focused patient encounters. Feedback is provided to help students prepare for the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills exam. 
In the M4 year, students complete their Subinternship and the Emergency Medicine Core Clerkship, and further explore areas of interest via elective clerkships. Up to 12 weeks of the required elective clerkships may be taken for credit at another Liaison Committee on Medical Education LCME (LCME)-accredited institution. In addition, students may complete four weeks of a global health elective and four weeks of a research elective for credit. 
Throughout the M4 year, students also prepare their residency applications and interview for residency positions. M4 students must take and pass the USMLE Step 2 exam—Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills—to graduate.
M3 Required Core and Elective Clerkships
o   Internal Medicine Core Clerkship (8 weeks)
o   Pediatrics Core Clerkship (8 weeks)
o   Surgery Core Clerkship (8 weeks)
o   Obstetrics and Gynecology Core Clerkship (6 weeks)
o   Neurology Core Clerkship (4 weeks)
o   Psychiatry Core Clerkship (4 weeks)
o   Ambulatory Clerkship (4 weeks)*: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Pediatrics
o   Elective (6 weeks)
*beginning May 2013
M4 Clerkships
o   Subinternship (4 weeks): Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, or Surgery
o   Emergency Medicine Core Clerkship (4 weeks)
o   Elective

M3 Lotteries

M3 lotteries are run in the winter prior to the beginning of the M3 year. The Grids Lottery assigns each student his or her sequence of the core clerkships: Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Psychiatry, Neurology and Surgery.   Subsequent to the assignment of grids, a Sites Lottery is run, to assign the student to a particular site for those cores that have multiple sites.

M4 Lotteries

M4 lotteries are run in the winter prior to the beginning of the M4 year. A Cores Lottery is run for Sub-Internships, followed by an Electives Lottery which makes initial assignments based on students' top course and schedule selections.

Clinical Schedules

M3 Core schedules and M4 Sub-Internship schedules cannot be changed except in extraordinary circumstances.   M4 Elective schedules are maintained through the Oasis system. which can be accessed at url:  Students are allowed to change electives in Oasis up to 4-weeks prior to an elective's start date.  After this time departmental approval is needed to add/drop an elective.  Add/drop forms are available through the Office of Medical Student Programs.

About Patient Logs

As part of the third year curriculum, students are expected to maintain online log books of the patients they encounter during their core rotations. Students are asked to record patients, diagnoses and procedures, whether observed or performed.

Oasis Logins
Students are given Oasis accounts at matriculation.  Students can retrieve a lost/forgotten password by clicking "Forgot my password" on the main login screen.

Oasis Departmental Assistance
The clerkship coordinator in each of the core clinical departments can orient students on expectations of the particular department and course director regarding volume of patients, data entry deadlines and the range of diagnoses or procedures that should be experienced.

Oasis Technical Assistance
E-mail for system questions or login account problems.

Away Electives Guidelines

Students who want to do away electives during their M4 year should first contact the schools they are interested in to obtain application materials.They should then complete an Away Elective Approval Form for each away rotation and bring it to the Office of Medical Student Programs (AAC Room 524). An e-mail will be sent letting students know when they can pick up their packet of away rotation materials.

Once students confirm that they will be doing an away rotation, they must send an e-mail to with the following information: the name of the away school/institution, the start and end dates of the rotation, the number of weeks of the rotation, and the Rush-equivalent course number for the rotation.The away rotation will then be formally entered onto the student's schedule.

Please allow 5-10 business days for processing away approvals.

For completion of institution - required immunization forms, please contact:

Lifetime Medical Associates
1645 W. Jackson, Rm 215
Phone: (312) 942-8000
Fax: (312) 942-3551

For official transcripts, please contact:

Office of the Registrar
440 Armour Academic Center
Phone: (312) 942-5861

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