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Rush University requires students to be covered by a health plan in order to promote health and well-being while protecting the individual from undue financial hardship that a medical emergency could cause. To that end, students enrolled in degree programs are eligible for the student health insurance plan offered by Academic Health Plans unless they show proof of coverage under a similar plan.

This plan allows students to choose a primary care physician from a large list of members of the Preferred Provider Plan (PPO) in the Greater Chicago area. Details of the plan are available online at the Rush University Information for Students home page.

For the 2015 - 2016 school year the cost of the plan is approximately $258 per month for single coverage.  There is an annual deductible of $250 and coverage of 80 percent for most patient services including hospitalization and surgery, as well as outpatient services such as office visits, mammography, laboratory and x-ray. A $20 co-pay for generic and $50 co-pay for brand name prescription benefits are included ($80 co-pay brand name when generic is available). Details of the plan are available online at the Rush University Information for Students home page.

Students, except those in the Rush Medical College, who carry their own health insurance, need to provide proof of coverage and have that information verified, annually, before registration for the fall term. Submission is completed via the Academic Health Plans website, at

All Rush Medical College students are automatically enrolled in this plan and cannot waive coverage. In addition, a small portion of fees for Rush Medical College students has been allocated to the Medical Student Health Service Program, supported by Lifetime Medical Associates (1645 W. Jackson, Suite 215). The Medical Student Health Service Program is designed to work seamlessly with Rush University health insurance to provide medical students with acute care.

By using Rush University health insurance, medical students should experience an enhanced level of service and minimal billing problems, with a $20 fee per office visit ($40 fee for specialist office visits). This will provide the type of "Student Health Service" with which most students are familiar. Additionally, all Rush Medical College students are covered under a blood and bodily fluids exposure rider. This works as a supplemental policy to any health insurance to cover treatment or medications necessary as the result of a needle stick, splash or potentially contagious diseases exposure. Together with the basic Rush University health insurance policy, the rider will completely cover prophylactic medications or injections.
Dental insurance is available and optional. Open enrollment in the plan occurs every fall term. The plan is with Aetna and is a DMO.

Dental Insurance Monthly rates for the 2015-16 academic year are:
  • Single: $21.36
  • Single + One: $41.86
  • Family: $79.85

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