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There are a number of important policies and procedures that student organizations are responsible for being aware of. In addition to the processes outlined for funding and room reservations, the following policies are also critical for student organization leaders to educate themsevles on.

Basic / Black and White Copy Needs. The Office of Student Affairs will assist you in making free black and white copies for the purposes of your student organization. To do so, please obtain a Quick Copy Approval Form from the Office of Student Affairs. Please note student organizations must work with Quick Copy for basic copy needs and will not be reimbursed for basic copy expenses with outside vendors.

Once you have obtained the Quick Copy Approval Form, you will be responsible for dropping off and picking up your copies. A week advance is recommended to guarantee your copy needs. Quick Copy is located in Suite 749 of Armour Academic Center and can be reached at 942-6697. Their hours are 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday.

Color / Extensive Copy Needs. The Print Shop at Rush University Medical Center may assist you in any color copies or other detailed copy needs that you have. Please note that this service is not free or provided by the Office of Student Affairs. If you would like to be reimbursed for any of these expenses, you must request them as part of a funding request to the Office of Student Affairs. Student organizations may request funding with outside vendors for color or other extensive copy needs if desired. The Print Shop is located in Suite A142 of the Triangle Office Building (1700 W. Van Buren St.) and can be reached at 942-5895.

Any email your organization wishes to share with the general Rush Student population should be coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Affairs generates, on Mondays, one weekly email to the general student population. Any information you would like shared with the student population will be sent in this weekly email. To submit information for the Monday email, please send your email to the Assistant Director or to no later than Friday at noon. Please note that it is up to your organization to plan accordingly to ensure information is disseminated in a timely fashion. For email exchanges within your college or program, please consult your college administrators.

Specific copyright laws require that any viewing of a film or movie can only be shown if granted appropriate licenses. Movie licenses can be very expensive and must allow for proper timing and funding. Please consult the Office of Student Affairs for details.

Everyone at Rush must help enhance and protect our image by appropriately using the Rush name(s) and logo(s). Misuse of our logos or other brand elements, like our tagline, actually dilutes our marketing, can damage our image and can even put us at legal risk.

As a result, all student organizations must have all uses of the Rush Name and/or Logo approved by the Office of Student Affairs. This includes any t-shirts or other give-a-ways that might include the Rush name or logo. Flyers internal to Rush do not need to be approved, however, flyers going outside Rush should be sent to Student Affairs for approval before dissemination.

It is also important that student organizations be familiar with the Use of Rush Name and/or Logo Policy. Please note you must be on campus to view this policy. On this website, you will find several important documents and tools:

  • The updated policy on "Use of Rush Name and/or Logo"

  • A comprehensive branding standards manual, which illustrates and explains how the logos and other brand elements are to be used

  • New PowerPoint templates and several other templates for standard documents.
As always, questions can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.

The Office of Student Affairs can provide a mailbox for any registered student organization at their request. This is strongly encouraged for organizations that receive regular mail such as bank statements or other mailings. To secure a mailbox, please contact the office directly.

Any media equipment that you need (laptops, projectors, advancers, etc.) should be reserved with Media Services at 942-5187. Please contact the Office of Student for the cost center information needed to reserve equipment. Please note Media Services has a limited amount of equipment and should be contacted well in advance of your event to secure your media needs.

Any student organization events using a speaker(s) not employed by Rush University Medical Center will need special approval. For approval, please submit a copy of the speaker's CV to Jill Gabbert, director, student affairs. Requests for approval should allow for a one week turn around time.

Parking costs for visiting speakers must be requested in your funding request. Parking costs are $7 per vehicle per day. Please consult the Office of Student Affairs with questions.

All Rush students and employees are required to follow the Posting of Temporary Matierials in Public Areas on the Rush Campus policy. It is the responsibility of each student organization to read and become familiar with this policy. Any temporary materials posted in locations that do not adhere to this policy will be immediately removed.

Please note student organizations do not need to consult Guest Relations as referred to in this policy but should consult the Office of Student Affairs instead.

Please note this policy requires the use of the Rush University flyer template for all materials hung in public areas (Floors 1,2 & 4 of Armour Academic Center).

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