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Office of Student Financial Aid > Types of Aid and Disbursement Procedures
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Types of Aid

Student financial assistance can come in many forms, though most assistance at the graduate/professional level should be expected to be in the form of student loans.

  1. Grants & Scholarships - "Free money" that isn't required to be repaid.  These funds are awarded based on financial need, merit, academics, or some combination of these criteria.
  2. Student Loans - Money that is borrowed from some source that must be repaid over time, typically with interest. 
  3. Work - Earnings for performing some type of service to an organization.
Each of these types of assistance can come from a variety of sources.  In general, your application for financial assistance at Rush will be the single application required for all of these programs.  Details regarding these financial assistance programs are available by clicking the appropriate links in the left-hand navigation of this site.
Disbursement Procedures
For the College of Nursing, the College of Health Sciences, and the Graduate College, financial aid generally disburses no earlier than ten days prior to the beginning of each term. 
For Rush Medical College, financial aid generally disburses two times per academic year.  The first disbursement occurs no earlier than ten days prior to the start of the year.  In accordance with federal regulation, the second disbursement does not occur until a student completes half the weeks of the academic year and half of the courses of the academic year.  As such, disbursement dates for second disbursements can vary among students. 
In general, financial aid funds disburse electronically and are applied directly to a student's tuition account.  Tuition accounts contain charges for tuition, fees, and housing.  Financial aid satisfies these charges first.  Any financial aid in excess of these charges is refunded to the student.  Financial aid refunds are processed on a weekly basis and are issued each Wednesday.  Any questions regarding financial aid refunds (amount, timing, direct deposit) should be directed to the Office of Financial Affairs at or 312-942-6584.
Federal Work-Study funds are not automatically credited towards tuition accounts.  These funds are issued directly to the work-study employee as a regular paycheck.

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