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We are determined to enhance the quality of faculty life in the environment of multicultural competence by insuring professional satisfaction in mentorship, career development, leadership development, skills development and gender equity.

Faculty Development Opportunities
Voice of the Faculty
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for supporting my attendance at the 2014 AAMC Minority Faculty Development Seminar.  I found this opportunity to be valuable and informative and I highly recommend continuing to support other junior minority faculty who are interested."
"When I attended in 2012, while I learned a lot, I was new to my faculty role and many of the topics covered were informative, but not all components seemed applicable.  This time, I benefitted from every session in the 3 days of the seminar. I have additional tools for time management, and how to track/maximize all of my efforts (service, teaching, research).  In addition, I learned valuable steps for leadership development, received guidance from senior faculty members regarding research collaborations that I can put into action immediately, and received further guidance on grant writing/strengthening aims.  Finally, I met another Rush faculty member and we have begun discussions regarding collaborations."
Fawn A. Cothran, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC (photo: left), attended the Association of American Medical Colleges Minority Faculty Career Development Seminar  (September 5 - 8, 2014)
"I had the privilege to attend the AAMC 2014 Minority Faculty Career Development Seminar in Vancouver, BC from September 5th to 8th. This was an exciting and important opportunity for me as an Associate Professor of Urology and a minority faculty member at RUSH University Medical Center. It provided a framework in which to meet and collaborate with similar minded academics from across the United States and Canada and to discuss common day-to-day issues which we all face. The AAMC assembled a stellar cast of multiethnic, multiracial discussants from a myriad of backgrounds within academic medicine to enlighten the participants on such topics as “Difficult Conversations”, “Academic Promotion”, “Leadership” and many more. It was particularly refreshing to hear a Dean of the one of the Medical Schools, who happens to be Caucasian, state that the only way to make a Medical School or institution or corporation truly great, is to embrace and promote racial diversity within its student body, residency and fellowship programs, and within its faculty and higher administration, and that until this is accepted greatness cannot and will not be achieved. I left the conference reinvigorated and eager to work within our institution to promote diversity and enable us to reap the advantages of inclusion at all levels."
Leslie Deane, MD (photo: left), attended the Association of American Medical Colleges Minority Faculty Career Development Seminar  (September 5 - 8, 2014)


 "The development seminar was a *wonderful* experience, and one that I would highly recommend to other women. It provided me the opportunity to meet many interesting women with similar career interests and who faced similar challenges. The faculty were highly accomplished and fascinating people with very different backgrounds, including public speaking, politics, healthcare administration and etiquette gurus. All of them had unique and important lessons to teach, and all of them were very effective teachers. I took away from the conference a renewed motivation for academic advancement and a better understanding of what drives me from within at the most fundamental level.

I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to attend this conference, and I would be happy to share more if anyone is interested.

Thank you for this opportunity."

Katherine Heiden, MD Department of Surgery (photo: left), attended the Association of American Medical Colleges Early Career Women Professional Development Seminar (July 11-July 15, 2014)


"I was nominated by Rush University to apply for the AAMC Mid Career Women’s leadership meeting. After I was selected by the AAMC, my trip was fully sponsored through the Academic Affairs Office (Dr Susan Chubinskaya, Associate Provost). I was among the two candidates from Illinois that attended this National meeting focused on fostering women leaders in academia." 

"The AAMC Mid Career Women’s leadership meet gave me a forum to watch, hear, feel, engage and learn. I watched and heard other women’s voices and pain of being in similar situations at their institutions. It made me “accept” it as a fact, and not feel individually “victimized”. This itself moved me to “look for solutions” to make the best and overcome gender inequities in profession and leadership in academia. I gained a pair of new glasses, to watch and learn about “people and their personalities”; unique qualities and work characteristics that I can utilize to my advantage to create successful teams. I was able to get an exposure to conflict resolution and learn what processes were driving specific behaviors, and affecting the work dynamics. I learnt how to create succinct clear messages for specific situations to increase it take and impact. I was able to see some women role models that have succeeded despite the odds in their own ways. Finally, I acquired a “team” of my own to help problem solve our specific situations in academia on a regular basis."

"I found the entire experience very helpful and hope to integrate these skills into my daily life. I plan to be active in education and mentoring of trainees and Junior faculty, and work with others to create a work environment at Rush that fosters growth of women in academia and leadership."

Meenakshi Jolly, MD, MS (photo: left), attended the Association of American Medical Colleges Mid Career Women Professional Development Seminar  (December 14 -17, 2013)

Faculty Affairs Advisory Committee



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