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The xMAP immunobead platform developed by the Luminex Corporation is ideally suited to allow high-throughput analyses for a range of applications relevant to investigators involved in clinical trials, drug discovery, diagnostics, and the basic sciences. Capable of measuring up to 100 analytes simultaneously from low micoliter quantities of sample, the Luminex immunobead platform can maximize the number of analytes you can measure from your specimens at a cost lower than conventional ELISA-based assays.

The Luminex Corporation licenses the open-architecture xMAP technology to industrial partners who, in turn, are the actual vendors of the assay kits you would purchase. Currently, there are over 500 analytes available for applications involving human, mice, rat, canine, and non-human primates.

Please refer to the websites of the partners of the Luminex Corporation for listings of the currently available analyte kits.

Millipore (protein biomarkers and signal transduction)
Bio-Rad (protein biomarkers and signal transduction)
Invitrogen (protein biomarkers and signal transduction)
R and D Systems (protein biomarkers)
EMD/Merck - Novagen (protein biomarkers)
Marlingen (microRNA profiling, SNP genotyping, protein biomarkers, transcription factors, and signal tranduction)
Panomics (Signal transduction, transcription factor, and protein biomarkers)

The Luminex Corporation website hosts a more extensive list of vendors and applications.

If you don't see the specific assays you are looking for, we are very experienced at making custom assays for a variety of applications.

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