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The Rush University Medical Center flow cytometry core facility has two bench-top analyzers and one cell sorter from Becton Dickinson. The bench-top analyzers include a FACSCaliber flow cytometer driven by CellQuest software and a LSR II flow cytometer driven by FACSDiva software. Bulk and single cell sorting is performed with a "state of the art" flow cytometer, the FACSAria driven by FACSDiva software. Each flow cytometer is capable of analyzing four-to-nine fluorescent and two light scatter (size, granularity) parameters simultaneously on a per particle basis. Data analyses can be performed at dedicated work stations using FACSDiva or CellQuest software. Alternatively, the user may use an off-line flow cytometry analysis software (i.e. FlowJo) to analyze their data. The facility staff will train investigators in the use of data analysis software programs for the purpose of data reanalysis or graphics production. The core center also has an autoMACS (Miltenyi Biotec) automated magnetic bead sorter that can be used to enrich populations prior to sorting.


  • Immunophenotyping
  • Cell viability/apoptosis
  • Intracellular protein staining
  • Multiplex assays for detection of cytokine and chemokines
  • Cell tracking and proliferation
  • Cytotoxicity
  • DNA or RNA analyses
  • Bulk and single cell sorting

The staff can assist with sample running, experimental design and data analysis. The facility currently operates three Becton-Dickinson instruments: one dual-laser FACSCalibur, one four-laser BD-LSR II analyzer, and one three-laser FACSAria, a high speed sorter.

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