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Ethical issues in research have received national and international attention in the media due to reports on falsification of data, fraudulent publications, dishonesty, and other misdeeds. Although the vast majority of individuals engaged in research have high ethical standards and deserve the public trust, a single nationally publicized instance of misconduct taints the entire community as it draws into question the overall integrity of research.

Rush takes the matter of research misconduct seriously. (42 CFR 93) requires federally funded research centers have a policy and procedure for addressing allegations of misconduct. Rush has adopted such a policy to meet this requirement.

Misconduct is defined as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, or other serious deviation from accepted practices in proposing, carrying out, or reporting results from research. It does not include honest error or honest differences in interpretations or judgments in evaluating research methods and results.

Reporting the Allegation

Research Misconduct allegations need to be reported to the Research Integrity Officer.  The allegation may be submitted in following manner(s):

  • Electronically 
  • Via telephone (312-942-1296)
  • Physically dropping off a hardcopy of the allegation at the RIO’s office (Annex, Suite 310)
  • Forwarding the complaint to the Rush 24-hour hotline at (877) 787-4009.
NOTE: Recipients of allegations must forward the same to the RIO within two (2) business days of receipt regarding the allegation (assuming the RIO is not the original recipient of the allegation).
Allegations should be made in good faith and substantiated by information and/or some form of information, such as documents or statements that would enable the RIO to begin the initial assessment. The allegation must include, at a minimum: 
  • The name or description of the research study involved, 
  • The name of the respondent if known,
  • The date or timeframe when the alleged Research Misconduct occurred, 
  • A description of the Research Misconduct, and a description of how the complainant learned of the alleged Research Misconduct (i.e., eyewitness, second-hand account, reviewed documents, etc.).
NOTE: Although anonymous allegations may be submitted, RUMC discourages this practice as such allegations may be more difficult to review and assess.
Anyone who believes an act of research misconduct has occurred or is occurring should notify the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) Stephanie C. Guzik, MBA, BSN, RN, CHRC at or at 312-942-1296. 
The flow diagram below visualizes the process.

For a comprehensive review of regulatory requirements on research misconduct visit the HHS Office of Research Integrity Web site.

For an in-depth understanding of Rush's policy and process regarding allegations made pertaining to research misconduct please refer to the policy “Research Misconduct: Policy For Review and Reporting Allegations”.


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