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About Rush University
Mission: To grow a comprehensive network of partnerships between the research community, the clinical community, and the broader community of lay organizations to improve community health outcomes, to transform the university medical care system into one that is more responsive to clinical and community health needs and concerns, and that is more efficient and effective at bringing best clinical practice to the community at large, and to grow the research community in areas relevant to improving community health.

Community Engagement Core Governing Board

Rush Consortium Established Partnership List

RTSC Community Studies

The Chicago Health and Aging Project (CHAP)
1993-present; D. Evans PI, R01AG011101, R01AG011101S1

The Religious Orders Study
1993-present; D. Bennett PI, P30AG010161, R01AG015819

The Memory and Aging Project
2000-present; D. Bennett PI, R01AG017917, R21AG030765

Minority Aging Research Study
2004-present; L. Barnes PI, R01AG022018

1996-present, L. Powell P, U01AG012505, R01HL067128

The Women?s Health Initiative (WHI)
1993-present; H. Black PI, N01WH042124

The Heart Failure Adherence and Retention Trial (HART)
2000-present; L. Powell PI, E01HL065547

The Mexican-American Trial of Community Health Workers (MATCH)
2003-present; S. Rothschild PI, RO1DK061289

The Rush Site of the SELECT Trial
S. Rothschild PI

Chicago Parent Program
D. Gross PI, R01NR004085

The Mexican American Problem Solving (MAPS)
J. Cowell, 501NR005008

HIV-AIDS CORE Center Studies
A Landay PI

Adolescent Medicine Trials Unit
J. Martinez PI, U01HD040515

Women?s Interagency HIV Study
M. Cohen PI, U01AI034993

Other Community Study PI's -

Martha Clare Morris
Carlos Mendes de Leon
Aron Buchman
Liesi Hebert
Robert Wilson
Carol Farran
Julia Cowell

Photo caption: Community research at Rush University Medical Center.

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