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Unless otherwise specified, all intellectual property forms should be delivered to the attention of Shrijay Vijayan, Division of Innovation and Technology Transfer, 707 S. Wood St., Lower Level, Chicago, IL 60612. For more information, call (312) 563-2736.

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Material Transfer Agreement Form
This agreement is between Rush and an outside institution to allow an investigator of the "receiver" institution to use research material owned by Rush.


Confidential Disclosure Agreement (for Potential Licensee)
New ideas, inventions and other work products must be kept strictly confidential until proper protection is in place. Prior to disclosing information regarding the invention, this agreement must be executed between Rush and the company (potential licensee). Rush, the inventor and the company must sign the agreement. Contact the Rush IP Office for agreement template.


License Agreement
Legal agreement that allows an outside company (licensee) to purchase from Rush the rights to further develop and/or commercialize the technology. The Rush I&TT division negotiates all license agreements. Contact the Rush I&TT division for more information.


Invention Disclosure Form
Submission of an invention disclosure form is required for any work product or discovery made by or under the direction of any employee, student or member of the faculty or medical staff of the Medical Center in connection with his or her Medical Center duties or activities or made with funds under the control of or administered by the Medical Center. An invention disclosure form must be filed before any decision on further development of the invention or application for patent rights can be made by the Medical Center.


Copyrightable Work Product Disclosure Form
This form is designed for use when a work product such as a textbook, article, film, computer program, test, teaching aid and the like has been developed to the point where an application for copyright protection may be filed. Criteria for submission of a copyrightable work product disclosure form are the same as those that apply for submission of an invention disclosure form. A copyrightable work product disclosure form must be filed before any decision on further development of the work product or application for copyright protection can be made by the Medical Center.


To file an IP disclosure, send an original, signed copy to:

Shrijay Vijayan, PhD, MBA
Associate Director, Division of Innovation and Technology Transfer
707 S. Wood St., Lower Level
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 563-2736
Fax: (312) 942-2874

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