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Animal Care and Use

Comparative Research Center (CRC) (Note: Internal users only) oversees all use of animals at Rush for research, testing or teaching, including monitoring studies for compliance with protocols and regulatory requirements. Facilities include a surgical laboratory, which provides sterile surgery suites for research-related surgery on animals. The CRC staff provides a range of consulting and training services for investigators, including review of animal use protocols, training in the use of animals in research and assistance with the conduct of research studies.

For more information, contact:

Comparative Research Center
Cohn Research Building
1735 W. Harrison Street Suite 206
Chicago, IL, 60612
CRC Telephone: (312) 942-6576
CRC Fax: (312) 563-3377


Animal Research Facilities

Rush's animal research facilities consist of a central facility and one smaller satellite facility, collectively referred to as the Comparative Research Center (CRC). The senior director of the Comparative Research Center reports to the chief research administrator and associate vice president for research.

The CRC veterinary staff is responsible for monitoring animal care and use practices and for providing advice and assistance to investigators to complete their research aims and to correct any deficiencies with respect to conformance with applicable policies, laws and regulations. The veterinary staff will provide medical care to all animals housed in CRC facilities. Research-related animal illnesses are the responsibility of the investigator, who, in consultation with the veterinary staff, should provide necessary treatment and/or support. Any issue or disagreement between the CRC staff and animal users may be referred to the IACUC and/or the RIO for research for review and recommendation.

The CRC veterinarians and the IACUC have authorized jurisdiction over all animal use within the Institution. They are responsible for following all recommendations of the Guide to the extent possible within the physical facilities of the CRC. Following the Guide, the veterinarians recommend policies and procedures that will ensure adequate veterinary care of all animals within the Institution. Along with the advice of the IACUC, the veterinarians are delegated the authority to enforce these policies and procedures. Within this authorization, the IACUC and veterinarians have the authority to suspend animal use activities and the veterinarians have final authority in determining when euthanasia is required.


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