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About Rush University
Rush University's supportive learning environment, leadership and research opportunities and dedication to service make it the preferred destination for students who are committed to excellence in health care.

Listen to what our students have to say about their Rush University experience.

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The Graduate College

Anad Shah, Medical Physics

Listen to Anad Shah's Comments
Aditiben Patel, Pharmacology

Listen to Aditiben Patel's Comments
Booker Davis, Biotechnology

Listen to Booker Davis' Comments
Dongyao Yan, Biochemistry

Listen to Dongyao Yan's Comments
Jerry Curran, Molecular Biophysics and Physiology

Listen to Jerry Curran's Comments
Joanna Matras, Neuroscience

Listen to Joanna Matras' Comments
Rana Saber, Immunology and Microbiology

Listen to Rana Saber's Comments

The College of Health Sciences

Ann Barker, Clinical Nutrition

Listen to Ann Barker's Comments
Christine Baker, Speech-Language Pathology

Listen to Christine Baker's Comments
Elizabeth Christiansen, Vascular Ultrasound

Listen to Elizabeth Christiansen's Comments
Hugo Jimenez, Clinical Lab Sciences

Listen to Hugo Jimenez's Comments
Jillian Jweinat, Health Systems Management

Listen to Jillian Jweinat's Comments
Joe Genau, Religion Health and Human Values

Listen to Joe Genau's Comments
Lian Huylebroeck, Perfusion Technology

Listen to Lian Huylebroeck's Comments
Nicole Lipshultz, Occupational Therapy

Listen to Nicole Lipshultz's Comments
Toni Podgorak, Respiratory Care

Listen to Toni Podgorak's Comments

The College of Nursing

Alex Gutierrez, Nursing Anesthesia

Listen to Alex Gutierrez's Comments
Ashley Higgs, GEM Program

Listen to Ashley Higgs' Comments
Deborah Monson, PhD in Nursing

Listen to Deborah Monson's Comments
Oscar Aguirre, GEM Program

Listen to Oscar Aguirre's Comments

Rush Medical College

Gabriela Ode, Rush Medical College, 2nd year

Listen to Gabriela Ode's Comments
Jeremy Alland, Rush Medical College, 2nd year

Listen to Jeremy Alland's Comments
Julia Daher, Rush Medical College

Listen to Julia Daher's Comments
Kelly Cushing, Rush Medical College

Listen to Kelly Cushing's Comments
Mina Sedrak, Rush Medical College

Listen to Mina Sedrak's Comments

Learn more about Rush University's academic programs, ask a question, sign up for an open house/information session or apply online now.

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