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Proteome based research is at the cutting edge of today's research endeavor. As new proteins are discovered and new markers are found for diseases, proteomics-based research holds the promise of solving a host of health care related dilemmas. Proteomics research concerns the study of proteins expressed in a system and the changes these undergo in response to external stimuli and disease. The discipline of proteomics involves intricate protein separation methods, protein chemistry, mass spectrometry and novel computer-driven processes for the handling and analysis of biological data (bioinformatics).

The primary objective of the Rush Proteomics Core Research Facility (RPCRF) is to provide a means for investigators to carry out proteomic investigations as part of their major research objectives. While translational studies will be the main emphasis of the facility, basic science applications will also be fully supported. Services offered by the RPCRF have been selected to most effectively serve the needs of the Rush community, given the limited resources. These services, however, support a range of applications, including: detection of disease biomarkers, protein mass determination, protein identification, characterization of post-translational modifications (such as phosphorylation or glycosylations), and elucidation of protein-protein interactions. Advanced proteomic and bioinformatic issues, beyond the practical scope of the RPCRF, will be handled through collaborative arrangements with the Research Resource Center at UIC and the Chicago Biomedical Consortium.


Dr Judith Luborsky, Director (jluborsk@rush.edu)

Dr. Jeffrey A. Borgia, Assistant Director (Jeffrey_Borgia@rush.edu)

Mr. Seby Edassery, Manager (Seby_L_Edassery@rush.edu)