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With NCCAM support, we disseminated CAM-related information via a number of venues: data-based and clinical publications and an online informational resource. A sampling of these efforts are listed below.

CAM Publications

Keithley, J.K., & Swanson, B. (2005). Glucomannan and obesity: A critical review. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 11(6), 30-34.

Lee, MY; Benn, R., Wimsatt, L., Cornman, J., Hedgecock, J., Gerik, S., Zeller, J.M.; Kreitzer, MJ.; Allweiss, P; Finkelstein, C., and Haramati, A. (2007) Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine Instruction into Health Professions Education: Organizational and Instructional Strategies. "Special Series on Education in Complementary and Alternative Medicine", Academic Medicine, 82, 939-945.

Phillips, M, Lee, Y-M, Swanson, B, Keithley, J.K., Zeller, J.M, and Hindin, P. (2003) Herbal and dietary supplements to treat symptoms of menopause. AWHONN Lifelines, 7(5), 416-420.

Swanson, B., & Keithley, J.K. (2007). Glucomannan in weight loss: A review of the evidence. In D. Bagchi & H.G. Preuss (Eds.), Obesity: Epidemiology, pathophysiology, and prevention (pp.433-442). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Swanson, B. (2004). Complementary therapies. In S.A. Brozenec & S.S. Russell (Eds.), Core curriculum for medical surgical nursing (3rd ed.) (pp. 99-105). Pitman, NJ: Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.

Stratton, T.D., Benn; R.K., Lie, D.A., Zeller, J.M., and Nedrow, A.R. (2007) Evaluating CAM Education in Health Professions Programs. "Special Series on Education in Complementary and Alternative Medicine", Academic Medicine, 82, 956-961.


Flyway: An Online Informational Resource

Over the duration of the NCCAM-supported educational program, CAM faculty developed an informational resource, named Flyway.  Contributors to this online publication discussed recent innovations in CAM practice; responded to CAM-related questions in “Ask the Expert” format; provided guidelines on the use of CAM therapies to manage specific conditions (i.e., dyslipidemia, menopausal symptoms, low back pain, asthma, obesity, and otitis media); identified useful websites for information on self-care; and provided a critical appraisal of a CAM media source. 

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