Welcome to SonicPuzzle!

If you don't see the Puzzle please download the Java Plug-in from http//java.sun.com/getjava/download1.html

What is Sonic Puzzle?
Sonic Puzzle is an interactive puzzle game. Unlike most puzzles, however, pieces of the puzzle should be put in the right places based on what they sound like, rather than what they look like. When all the pieces are in the correct order the sequence of the shuffled pieces will sound the same as the original phrase. Then, the puzzle is solved.

How to play Sonic Puzzle?
To start playing, just press the Start button, and wait for the sound phrase to download. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it may take from less than a second or a few seconds. Be patient (if you can). After you hear the original sound phrase, the puzzle pieces are drawn on the play field. Each piece has a different size to make it distinct from other pieces, and has a different sound associated with it. Double clicking on any piece will play its corresponding sound portion (unless you selected the difficult level of play). If you press the Play Shuffled button above the play field, you will hear the sequence of sound pieces played from left to right in the order they are displayed. You can change the order of the pieces by pressing the mouse over the piece you want to move dragging it, while holding the mouse down, until it is over the piece where you want it moved and then releasing it . The two pieces will now exchange places. (Note that you are not going to see the piece being dragged as you are holding the mouse down. But once you release it over another piece the piece size will change. Then you successfully replaced the position of the two pieces.) Do this until the sound that you hear when you press the Play Shuffled button is the same as the sound that you hear when you press the Play Original button. Through out the game you will see a message on the play field below the pieces informing you of how many pieces are already in the right place, and how many are not. When the puzzle is solved, the puzzle solved message appears.

Before starting to play next time, you may want to select (a) what difficulty level you want to play at, (b) what type of sound phrase you want to puzzle over, and (c) how many different sound pieces there will be. Initial selections have already been made for you, and may or may not want to change them. But you can always do it for the next game.

What are the differences among the difficulty levels?
At the EASY level, the correct order of the pieces corresponds to the size of individual pieces. The first pieces is the tallest, and the last piece is the smallest with all of the pieces gradually changing in between them. Solving the puzzle then becomes very easy. To do it you simply need to arrange all the pieces from the tallest to the smallest. You don't even need to hear what they sound like, although you can.

At the MODERATE level, the size of the pieces is random, and if you arrange them by size, most likely, they will not sound right together. To solve the puzzle at this level, you can listen to individual pieces by double clicking on them and try to decide where in the original sound phrase they need to be placed. Then change the order of the pieces to the one you think is right, listen to the pieces in that order by pressing the Play Shuffled button, and decide whether this order sounds more or less like the original sound phrase.

At the DIFFICULT level, everything is the same as at the moderate level, except you cannot hear the sound portions corresponding to individual pieces. Double clicking on a piece will not produce any sound. At this level, you can find the right order of the pieces only by listening to the current order and comparing it with the original sound. If the sounds don't match, rearrange the order again and see if it sounds closer. You can also get a hint of whether you are on the right track, by looking at the score on the play field.