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Contact info:
Office (312) 942 - 3298
Lab (312) 942 - 3316

Rush University
Medical Center
203 Senn,
1653 W. Congress Parkway
Chicago, IL

Principal Investigator: Valeriy Shafiro


The Auditory Research Laboratory (ARL) is a dedicated research facility of the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at Rush University Medical Center. The mission of the ARL is twofold. First, it is the advancement of knowledge on theoretical and applied aspects of auditory perception and cognition in normal-hearing and hearing impaired populations. Second, it is in training of future professionals in the field of communication disorders and sciences in the development and conduct of experimental research.

Research themes:
  • Perceptual organization of meaningful sound (speech, music, environmental sounds)
  • Auditory attention and memory in normal and hearing impaired listeners
  • Aural evaluation and rehabilitation of sensory aid recipients
  • Expert listening and auditory training
  • Situational awareness and orientation through sound
  • Sonification and auditory display

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