Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Rush University is a health sciences institute devoted to the care of patients and the education of physicians, nurses, technologists, administrators and other health care workers. The scope of Rush's educational efforts provides the highest quality learning activities that lead to excellence in patient care. The Office of Continuing Medical Education program is an integral part of that success. The CME effort at Rush University offers a range of comprehensive learning activities that vary in content - from basic reviews to "cutting edge" curriculum. The overall attempt in the educational process is to update health care providers on current educational trends and developments in medical diagnoses and treatments. Learning formats include lectures, procedure-oriented seminars, diagnostic case studies, laboratories and workshops. Audio/Visual materials, as well as ancillary written reference materials, are used to supplement and enhance each learning activity. More information on the Office of Continuing Medical Education is available at or by calling (312) 942-7119.