Financial Affairs: Payment of Tuition/Fees

The following statement represents the payment policy for all Rush University students: Charges can be viewed and payment for tuition, fees and on-campus housing can be completed through RUConnected, the University's on-line system. Payment can be made by credit card or e-check. If full payment of tuition cannot be made by the first week of class, as listed in the Academic Calendar located in the Rush University Catalog satisfactory arrangements for payment must be made with the Office of Financial Affairs. Students may not attend classes until after registration is complete. Any exception to this policy must be approved in writing by the Senior Director for Student Services.

Students have the responsibility to complete one or a combination of the following courses of action on or before the announced first day of classes each quarter:
  1. Pay total tuition, fees, and on-campus housing charges for the quarter.
  2. Complete a Deferred Payment Plan Contract. This plan requires that one-third tuition, all fees, and a $15 service charge be paid on or before the first week of class. Additional payments of one-third are due on the fourth and eighth Mondays of the quarter. Contract forms are available in the Office of Financial Affairs.
  3. Use the pending financial aid payment option. All students who have financial aid pending will be allowed to defer payment of that portion of tuition and fees that is covered by the anticipated aid. In order to use this option, students must have taken all steps required of them to apply for the aid (e.g., the application for a guaranteed student loan program must have been completed and submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid). In order to avoid a late fee charge, students must make arrangements for payments of that portion of tuition and fees not covered with pending aid by completing steps one or two above.

Failure to follow one of the steps above will result in a $100 late fee. Students who choose the deferred payment plan contract and who fail to make a payment of the specified due dates will have until Friday of that week to satisfy their financial obligations without penalty. Failure to do so will result in a $50 late payment fee for each payment date missed.

At the end of the quarter those students who still have outstanding balances with Rush University, which are not covered by pending financial aid will:

  • Not receive transcripts/diplomas.
  • Be dismissed from on-campus housing.
  • Lose all university privileges.
  • Not be allowed to register for the following quarter.