Financial Aid Process

Instructions for accessing financial aid information on the Rush University website are sent to all newly accepted students via e-mail prior to enrollment. The Student Financial Aid website contains in-depth information on policies, procedures, and financial aid awarding methodology. The priority deadline for submission of financial aid application materials is May 1st. Students must be enrolled at least half-time and must be in a degree or certificate program to receive financial aid. To receive assistance, all appropriate forms and materials must be on file. Students should expect to receive the majority of assistance in the form of loans. Because of limited institutional funding, financial aid awards will likely contain loans that accrue interest while the student is in school. Grant assistance is available; however, the funds are limited and all applicants (with few exceptions) must provide parental data and meet the institutional criteria for eligibility. Refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid website for details.

Undergraduate students who have not received a prior Bachelor's degree are more likely to receive grant assistance through federal and state need-based programs. Employment through the Federal College Work Study program may be possible throughout the Rush University Medical Center. Depending on a student's academic program, Federal College Work Study may be awarded as part of the financial aid package. It is the student's responsibility to secure employment, and the Office of Student Financial Aid assists students in locating jobs within the Medical Center.