Campus Housing

Information pertaining to on-campus housing, including the application process and/or roommate selection, may be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs, Suite 984, Armour Academic Center. Center Court Gardens, located on Harrison Street across from the Marriott Chicago Downtown at the Medical District, consists of apartment style living with almost 300 units available as studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms. All apartments are unfurnished, carpeted, have individually controlled heating and air conditioning, modern appliances, and bathtubs with showers. Basic cable and internet are included in the rent. Electric and heating are not included in the rent.

Application Process
Students can apply for housing upon their acceptance to Rush University. Applications for both new and returning students are available from the Office of Student Affairs, Suite 984 Armour Academic Center, or via the web at Because on-campus housing is in great demand, Rush University has established the following set of priorities for assigning students to available units. Students in category number one receive the highest priority followed by those in category number two, etc.

  1. Returning undergraduate, graduate and professional students who apply for on-campus housing by April 1st.
  2. Incoming undergraduate, graduate and professional students who begin their academic program in the summer quarter and have been accepted for admission and apply by April 1st.
  3. Incoming undergraduate, graduate and professional students who begin their academic program in the fall quarter and have been accepted for admission and apply for housing by May 1st.

These priorities will be used as a guide when assigning housing. Returning students who fail to submit a housing application for the succeeding year by April 1st will lose his/her number one priority. Rush University reserves the right to make exceptions to these priorities when extenuating circumstances exist. Apartment types available:

Studio Apartment One student
One Bedroom Apartment One to two students
Two Bedroom Apartment Two to four students

Notification of acceptance into University housing will be sent to each student assigned to on-campus housing. New students must receive an acceptance for admission to the university before any housing notification will be sent. Entering students whose program of study begins in the summer quarter will be sent housing assignments the beginning of May. Students who begin their programs in the fall will receive housing assignments at the end of May. Returning students will receive their housing notifications in April. Students starting in the winter quarter will receivetheir housing assignment anytime after May 1st.

Lease and Deposit
A lease is included with each letter of acceptance into University housing. The lease, accompanied by a security deposit equal to one month's rent, must be signed and returned. Failure to return the lease and the security deposit by the specified deadline will result in the loss of the housing assignment. Rent is payable in equal quarterly installments. Students are billed quarterly for rent along with tuition and fees prior to the beginning of each quarter.

Consolidation Policy
In an effort to maximize the number of on-campus housing spaces available to Rush University students consolidation of tenants may occur. This consolidation policy will affect only those students who occupy an apartment by themselves that was originally leased to two or more students. Such a situation can occur when a roommate leaves University housing during the course of the academic year. If consolidation is necessary, students involved will be informed in writing. At that time the student will have the following options: 1) share an apartment with another student in any building who is also in need of a roommate, 2) find a Rush University student roommate of his/her choice, 3) have a roommate assigned from the available applications, or 4) pay the full rent of the apartment. If the fourth option is chosen, the apartment will become a single accommodation only through the end of the current lease. If the student wishes to renew the lease, the student will have the option of remaining in the apartment with the understanding that he/she will receive a roommate or will be given an opportunity to move to another available apartment.

Students should address questions concerning the application process, assignment process, or roommate selection to the Office of Student Affairs.

The Office of Student Affairs is also available to assist students with their off-campus housing needs. Information regarding local apartment listings, transportation, Internet resources, etc., is available. Students are also encouraged to check bulletin boards throughout Armour Academic Center and in the Office of Student Affairs for apartment leads within walking distance to Rush, including the University Village/Little Italy neighborhoods. An off-campus housing guide is available on the housing website ( to assist in making decisions such as how much rent can be afforded, what commuting distance is acceptable, and if finding a roommate will be necessary. Rush University accepts no responsibility for off-campus arrangements.