Alumni Relations

The Office of Alumni Relations, located in the 1700 W. Van Buren Building, has been established to provide a planned, coordinated program of service and activities of mutual interest and benefit to Rush University, the Medical Center, and all alumni. Although the legacy of a Rush education dates back to 1837, Rush University, is a relatively young institution. Since the university's inception in 1972, it has conferred more than 13,000 degrees in the health professions.

The objectives of the Alumni Relations office is to provide channels for alumni of Rush Medical College, the College of Nursing, the College of Health Sciences, the Graduate College, former Medical Center house staff, and graduates of our predecessor schools to:

  • Remain informed of current developments at the Medical Center
  • Develop an active interest in and involvement with their alma mater
  • Maintain contact with fellow alumni and faculty
  • Take advantage of continuing education opportunities offered through Rush University
  • Respond positively through both financial and philosophical support
  • Promote and perpetuate the high standards of excellence in patient care education and scientific advancement consistent with the objectives of Rush University Medical Center

At this time the following formally organized active alumni associations exist for Rush University Graduates:

  • The Alumni Association of Rush Medical College
  • The Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Nurses Alumni Association
  • The Alumni Association of the Department of Health Systems Management
  • Rush University Occupational Therapy Alumni Association
  • Rush Surgical Society (Alumni Association for Rush trained Surgeons)
  • Medical Society (Rush Internal Medicine Alumni Association)

For more information concerning Rush University alumni associations or services available through the Office of Alumni Relations, call (312) 942-2569 or email

Alumni Associations

Rush Medical College
The Alumni Association of Rush Medical College is an active organization dedicated to supporting the educational goals of the college. Purposes of the organization are to maintain communications between alumni and the college; to honor alumni who have given distinguished service to the profession of medicine and/or to their alma mater; to promote and encourage the highest standards of medical education; to assist the faculty and staff of the college in any way possible and to provide financial support for the operation of Rush Medical College. Prior to its reactivation in 1969, Rush Medical College conferred 10,976 Doctor of Medicine degrees. Alumni and Trustees of the Medical Center were responsible for keeping active the original charter granted to the college by the State of Illinois in 1837. The alumni also maintained the Rush Medical College Library and made financial grants for post-graduate education during the college's inactive period. Rush alumni practice in all 50 states and in 11 foreign countries. Since the reactivation of Rush Medical College in 1969, Rush University has conferred more than 4,300 Doctor of Medicine degrees. The Alumni Association is represented on the Board of Trustees of Rush University Medical Center by two alumni who are elected annually, the president and immediate past-president of the Alumni Association.

College of Nursing
The Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Nurses Alumni Association is an active organization with the following goals: to unite the graduates of Rush University College of Nursing, Presbyterian-St.Luke's Hospital School of Nursing, Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, and St. Luke's Hospital School of Nurses for mutual assistance, protection, and preservation of fellowship; to promote the professional and educational advancement of nursing; to provide financial assistance and offer networking advice to current students; and to support the interests of the Rush University programs in nursing. All graduates of these schools of nursing are considered active members of the Alumni Association. Each year, graduates return at homecoming to tour the facilities and to learn what is happening at the Medical Center. From 1887 through 1968 there were 7,221 graduates of the diploma programs of the various schools. Many of them have served with distinction around the world. Since the founding of the College of Nursing in 1972, Rush University has conferred over 6,000 nursing degrees. Many alumni support the University nursing programs financially through the Golden Lamp Society, which provides leadership gifts to the college.

Alumni Association of the Department of Health Systems Management
This association is dedicated to the following goals: to advance knowledge and techniques in the field of health systems management; to maintain interest in potential and enrolled students; to facilitate graduate participation in continuing education activities; to provide objective recommendations for the development of the program; to provide opportunities for graduates to share their work experiences with students and other alumni; to serve as a network for job search and career advancement. The first class of ten students graduated in June 1981. Since that time the Alumni Association has grown to 270 members.

Rush University Occupational Therapy Alumni Association
This association's mission is to seek to advance the knowledge of its members in the field of occupational therapy; to promote collaboration, understanding, and fellowship; to offer a means to obtain and share research and information for the promotion of best practice; to provide a mechanism for alumni to act in an advisory capacity to faculty and a mentor capacity to students; and to communicate with other professional groups to expand the understanding of the occupation. The first class of occupational therapy students graduated in 1982.

Rush Surgical Society
This society recognizes the many surgeons who have been trained at the Medical Center but who may not have been graduates of Rush Medical College. Members automatically include all past, present and future trainees and faculty who have participated in a surgical laboratory or surgical clinical program. The society's purpose is to support the Medical Center by promoting educational, scientific, and social aspects relating to surgery.

Medical Society
An equivalent group was established in medicine called the Rush Internal Medicine Alumni Association. This society was officially launched in April 1987. The society's purpose is to facilitate contact and communication among former internal medicine house officers and to honor alumni who have given distinguished service to the profession of medicine.