Rush University Statement on Student Conduct

Rush University seeks to create a climate that encourages its members to act as responsible adults in an academic community. Generally, institutional disciplinary measures are invoked only in response to conduct that adversely affects the University/Medical Center's pursuit of its educational objectives and mission. Penalties may range from warning, probation, suspension, or expulsion from the University/Medical Center. A partial list of disruptive behaviors that would subject a student to disciplinary action includes the following:

• All forms of academic dishonesty.

• Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, or other University/Medical Center activities.

• Theft of or damage to University/Medical Center property or the property of a member of the University/Medical Center community.

• Physical abuse of any person or action that threatens or endangers the safety of others.

• Misrepresentation, falsification, alteration, or misuse of University/Medical Center documents, records or identification.

• Unauthorized use or entry of University/Medical Center facilities.

• Conduct that is inconsistent with the ethical code of the profession the student is preparing to enter.

• Unlawful use or possession of controlled substances.

• Unlawful use or possession of firearms or other weapons.