Individuals not admitted to a degree program but who want to enroll in a course may do so by completing the appropriate student-at-large registration form. Separate forms are available for College of Nursing courses and for courses in the College of Health Sciences or The Graduate College. Students are not allowed to take Rush Medical College courses as a student-at-large. The College of Nursing student-at-large registration form requires the signature of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. An instructor is not obligated to accept any student-at-large in his/her class, and students without appropriate background take courses at their own risk. The completed form must be submitted with tuition payment or it will not be processed. The Office of Student Accounts will charge tuition at the rate applied to graduate students. However, neither instructor approval nor payment assures a place in the class because students in degree programs have priority for enrollment in all courses. Additionally, students can be removed from a course after being notified of being registered for a course if a degree-seeking student wishes to enroll in the class. Preliminary notification of registration is made by phone or e-mail. You can then view those courses by selecting My Class Schedule under Academic Profile. Confirmation of registration for courses can be viewed in RUConnected by selecting My Class Schedule under Academic Profile. If a student-at-large cannot be accommodated in a class, a full refund of tuition will occur. A student may accumulate no more than 12 quarter hours of academic credit as a student-at-large. These 12 hours, equivalent to a full-time one quarter course load, may be taken in one quarter or over a period of time. Registration as a student-at-large that results in more than the allowable number of hours in the student-at-large status can only be authorized by the dean (or his/her designate) of the college offering the course. Credit earned as a student-at-large will not necessarily apply toward a Rush degree if the individual is subsequently admitted to a degree program. Any incomplete (ā€œIā€) grade earned as a student-at-large will revert to a permanent failing grade ( ā€œFā€) unless completed by the end of the next academic quarter. It is the student's responsibility to pursue the completion of an incomplete grade.

Should a student-at-large register and then need to drop his/her courses, the student should complete the drop form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. Students-at-large are not assigned academic advisors so no advisor signature needs to be obtained.