Grading & Numbering System

Grade Points Description
A 4.0 Excellent.
B 3.0 Good.
C 2.0 Satisfactory for undergraduates but may not be acceptable at the graduate level.
D 1.0 Minimal pass for some undergraduate programs. May not be acceptable at graduate level. Not used at the graduate level by the College of Nursing, The Graduate College, or the Department of Health Systems Management.
F 0 Failure.
P 0 Passing.
HP 0 High Pass (only used by Rush Medical College for 3rd and 4th year clinical courses).
N 0 No Pass.
H 0 Honors (only used by Rush Medical College).
W 0 Withdrew between weeks 2 through 5. Also used by Rush Medical College when a circumstance beyond the student's control prevents completion of course requirements regardless of withdrawal date during the quarter.
WP 0 Withdrew passing between weeks 6 through 10.
WF 0 Withdrew failing between weeks 6 through 10.
WN 0 Withdrew not passing between weeks 6 through 10.
K 0 Credit earned through proficiency examination.
T 0 Credit accepted in transfer from another college/university
CIP/IP 0 Course in progress and grade not reported.
I 0 Incomplete.
NR 0 No Record (not used after summer 2009)
CC 0 Course continues into the next quarter. Grade received at end of series is grade for entire course.
AU 0 Audit.
XX 0 Participation in an ungraded course or residency.

Course Numbering System (Beginning 2007)

300-399 Upper-level undergraduate courses
400-499 Upper-level undergraduate courses
500-599 Graduate-level courses (including Clinical Rotations for the Department of Physician Assistant Studies)
600-699 Doctoral-level courses
700-799 Clinical Rotations for Rush Medical College
800-899 Rush Medical College clinical electives at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County and also used by other university programs for externships
900 Independent Study
999 Continuous Enrollment

Course Numbering System (Prior to 2007)

300-399 Undergraduate - third level
400-499 Undergraduate - fourth level
450-499 Dual level - may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit
500-599 Graduate level
500-549 Master's level - College of Nursing
550-599 Doctor of Nursing level - College of Nursing
600 Post Master's level residency
601-699 Doctoral level