Rush E-mail Account

Rush University creates an e-mail account for each student during the student's first quarter. Students are expected to check their e-mail account with regular frequency since Rush University considers e-mail an official means of communication. Often, students are notified of important news and deadlines via the campus e-mail system. Students should also use the Rush e-mail account to communicate with faculty and staff versus sending an e-mail using a personal e-mail account.

Click here for information on how to access Rush e-mail. Should problems arise with the e-mail account, please contact the Help Desk at (312) 942-4357 or via e-mail at

Graduates of Rush University should have access to their Rush e-mail account for 14 days after graduation. Students leaving the University but who have not graduated should expect to have their e-mail accounts terminated immediately.

For more information on the Rush University e-mail usage policy, please click here.