Auditing a Course

With the permission of the program director, a student wishing to attend a course without completing all the requirements for credit may register to audit the course. The program director is under no obligation to allow a person to audit and will not allow course examinations to be taken. An auditing student is prohibited from being in class when examinations are scheduled. An auditor may participate in class discussion only at the invitation of the course director. Auditing of laboratory or clinical course is prohibited. If space in a class is limited, continuing and new students have priority. An audited course will appear on the student's transcript with the designation of "AU." Attendance in an audited course is expected. If the student does not attend class, a grade of "W" will be assigned. No grade points or credit hours are granted for audited courses. Registration in a course cannot be changed from audit to credit or credit to audit after the first week of the quarter. Dependent on college policy, a student who has audited a course may not apply for credit at a later time. Earning a grade and receiving credit for the course can only occur by enrolling in and paying for the course during the term it is offered. An audited course, however, may be taken for credit in a later quarter by registering and paying for the course.

The College of Nursing also uses the auditor status as an opportunity for a student to refresh her or his knowledge of a successfully completed course by auditing it. The student is expected to meet with the course director of each course that is to be audited and discuss both the student's and the course director's expectations. The student is allowed to participate fully in the course. An audited course will appear on the student's transcript with the designation of "AU" to designate that the student was given the opportunity to refresh her or his knowledge regardless whether the student took advantage of this opportunity or not.