Rush University Statement on Academic Honesty

Rush University students and faculty belong to an academic community with high scholarly standards. As essential as academic honesty is to the relationship of trust fundamental to the educational process, academic dishonesty violates one of the most basic ethical principles of an academic community, and will result in sanctions imposed under the University's disciplinary system. A partial list of academically dishonest behaviors that would subject a student to disciplinary action includes:

Cheating: Using unauthorized material or unauthorized help from another person in any work submitted for academic credit

Fabrication: Inventing information or citations in an academic or clinical exercise

Facilitating Academic Dishonesty: Providing unauthorized material or information to another person

Plagiarism: Submitting the work of another person or persons, as one's own without acknowledging the correct source

Unauthorized Examination Behavior: Conversing with another person, passing or receiving material to/from another person or temporarily leaving an examination site to visit an unauthorized site