Rush Medical College: Remedial Programs

First and Second Years
COSEP will establish requirements for remedial work for students with one or more outstanding course failures in the first or second year. Remedial work requirements will be reasonably related to the seriousness of the student's deficiencies. Such requirements may include, but need not be limited to the following: Summer tutorial study with re-examination; retaking failed courses during the next academic year; and retaking all courses including those satisfactorily passed. In developing requirements, COSEP will consider the needs of the individual student and will endeavor to develop a program that, if successfully completed, will strengthen the student's prospects for successfully completing the remainder of his/her college program. Students who have no outstanding failures at the end of an academic year, but who have had to take make-up examinations in courses whose total of scheduled instructional hours equals or exceeds 30 percent of the complete program of instruction for that entire academic year may be placed on academic probation, in which situation COSEP will establish the requirements which students must meet before they are able to proceed to the studies of the next academic year.

Third and Fourth Years
A failure in a required core clerkship must be made up in a manner prescribed by the course director in consultation with the Office of Medical Student Programs, approved by COSEP, and consistent with the reasons for the student's failure. A student required to repeat clinical work in a required core clerkship must complete the failed course prior to beginning another core rotation. A student failing an elective clerkship must either repeat the elective or, with the approval of the Dean's office, complete an alternative elective.

Failure to Pass Step I of United States Medical Licensure Examination
All students must take Step I of the USMLE at the completion of their second year. Permission to defer taking this examination must be granted by the Office of Medical Student Programs. Students who defer Step 1 beyond July 1 of the beginning of third year must defer clinical rotations. COSEP will review all students who do not successfully complete USMLE Step 1 within 9 months of completing the M2 year. Students who fail the USMLE Step I three times will be automatically dismissed.