Rush Medical College: Academic Progression

Evaluation of progress is an important part of the learning process. Course examinations are aimed at allowing both the students and the faculty to assess progress toward defined learning goals. The final result of evaluation in coursework is recorded as honors, pass, or fail. Grades of high pass are also recorded during the third and fourth years. At the end of each quarter or after each clinical rotation, evaluations are submitted to the Office of Medical Student Programs.

The Committee on Student Evaluation and Promotion
The Committee on Student Evaluation and Promotion (COSEP) is a standing committee of Rush Medical College.

The Committee on Student Evaluation and Promotion (COSEP) shall:

  • develop and execute policies concerning student status, evaluation, and promotion;
  • conduct a continuing evaluation of students' status within the educational program and determine when students have satisfactorily completed the requirements for promotion, as well as graduation;
  • recommend candidates for the Doctor of Medicine degree;
  • recommend the dismissal of students who fail to meet the academic requirements of the medical college, including fitness to practice medicine;
  • determine requirements for remedial action for students who have not achieved minimal standards in the medical college program requirements;
  • consider requests from faculty or students on matters related to student evaluation or promotion.

COSEP Policies and Procedures, June, 2010.