Rush Medical College: Philosophy

The process of becoming a physician is unique for each student who enters Rush. Each brings to his/her medical school experience a distinct educational, psychological and social background. As students define career goals, each develops personal ways of coping with the demands imposed by the physician's role. The Rush Medical College curriculum encourages pursuit of individual interests by emphasizing a solid foundation in the basic sciences and by offering a wide range of elective opportunities in the Medical Center and in a network of affiliated and associated hospitals. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to develop habits of self-education and enthusiasm for the life-long study of medicine according to specific interests and objectives. Upon matriculation, students are assigned academic advisors whose primary responsibilities are to provide guidance and to serve as resources for students as they define professional goals, select courses, and deal with a variety of issues during their progress through medical school. Long after students have taken their last medical school examinations, the sense of responsibility for the welfare of their patients remains the most important stimulus to maintaining the highest level of professional performance. The Rush faculty seeks to provide educational opportunities and to create an environment that will foster the ability to meet these responsibilities with competence and compassion.