Rush Medical College: Committees

Committees exist within the structure of Rush Medical College to assure the appropriate involvement of faculty and students in the various activities of the college. Except for the Rush Medical College Student Council, each committee includes representation from both faculty and students.

Faculty Council
This committee is the senior representative body within Rush Medical College. The membership includes nine professors, three associate professors, three assistant professors, three instructors or assistants, and one student from each of the four classes, each chosen by vote of the corresponding constituency.

Committee on Committees
This committee has as its primary responsibility the nomination of individuals to serve on the various standing committees of Rush Medical College. The committee is also responsible for dealing with grievances presented by members of the Rush Medical College community.

Standing Committees of Rush Medical College

Committee on Admissions
Members of this committee are responsible for recommending students to the Dean for admission to the Rush Medical College. The duties of the committee members include but are not limited to, setting the admissions criteria which will enhance academic excellence, interviewing candidates, and selecting the applicants who will be offered acceptance to Rush Medical College.

Committee on Curriculum and Evaluation (CCE)
This committee is responsible for the design, content and evaluation of the courses and curriculum. With the assistance of course directors, the committee administers surveys to the students which evaluate course content, delivery and faculty performance. An annual report is produced for each course within the medical college curriculum. This annual report recommends changes to the course for consideration of the CCE.

Committee on Senior Faculty Appointments and Promotions (COSFAP)
The function of this committee is to review recommendations submitted by chairpersons for appointments or promotions of faculty members to academic ranks of indefinite terms in Rush Medical College. Recommendations for appointments or promotions are then submitted to the Office of the Dean for further action.

Committee on Student Affairs (COSA)
This committee is concerned with non-curricular needs of Rush Medical College students. Its regular responsibilities include an annual evaluation of the effectiveness and adequacy of programs and services available to students, improvement of current programs, and initiation of new activities when their need is recognized. The committee works closely with the Office of Student Affairs.

Committee on Student Evaluation and Promotion (COSEP)
This committee is responsible for developing policies concerning student status, evaluation and promotion; reviewing the academic performance of Rush Medical College students; making recommendations to the Faculty Council and Dean concerning promotion, graduation and dismissal of students; and determining requirements for remedial action for students who have failed medical college courses.

COSEP Policies and Procedures, June, 2010.