Rush Medical College: Student Honor Code and Academic Honesty

Rush Medical College students affirm their commitment to the Rush Medical College Honor code defined as “ adhering to academic and personal integrity, sound moral character, and respect for the rights and dignity of others ”. This code is consistent with our aspirations as future physicians to uphold values of responsible and professional behavior and honesty in dealing with academics, patients and colleagues.

This Honor Code sets the standards for expected behavior and professionalism at Rush Medical College. Commitment to these standards is expected of all matriculating students and represents a commitment to our future as successful physicians. This commitment is a shared responsibility of faculty, staff, and students in the Rush University community to ensure the highest standards of behavior, whether this is in the classroom or in the clinical setting.

In recognition of the responsibility to uphold these standards, a student, faculty member, or staff who becomes aware of or suspects a violation of the Honor Code should follow the guidelines below:

  1. Either approach the individual who possibly violated the Honor Code directly with regard to the particular concern in order to eliminate misunderstandings or report it to the Chair of the Honor Code Council who will investigate the incident.
  2. Allegations with merit should be documented by the individual who suspected the violation via the Honor Code Alleged Violation Form, which is submitted to the Honor Code Council. The Honor Code Council will consist of 8 students (2 students from each class), elected in January of the M1 year will serve 3 ½ years, as long as the elected student remains in good academic standing. The Honor Code Council will elect one student chair by majority vote in September of each year. The Assistant Chairman of COSEP and a member of OMSP will serve as non-voting faculty mentors for the Honor Code Council.
  3. It is the right of all individuals alleged to have violated this Honor Code to contest the accusation(s) in a meeting with the Honor Code Council. After the Honor Code Council has met with the person(s) who initially presented the concern, the individual said to have violated the Honor Code will be interviewed separately in order to document all perspectives on this issue.
  4. Based on majority vote, the Honor Code Council will prepare a written statement on the validity of the charge(s) and a proposed resolution, which will then be submitted to the COSEP. A copy of this written statement will also be provided to the student who was accused of violating the Honor Code.
  5. The COSEP will verify whether appropriate procedures were followed and determine the appropriate action based on the items submitted.

Please see the “University Statement on Academic Honesty” at for additional policies.