Clinical Research: Thesis Process

Students will have entered the program with an identified mentor and a probable identified source of clinical data. During the 3rd and 4th quarters of the program, the student and mentor will begin to outline the research project. This can be of the student's own design, or alternatively, a student may participate in a large multi-centered trial provided permission is received in advance for publication of the subset of that data collected by the student as a thesis. Any project that involves patient oriented research (requires IRB approval) can be submitted. By the end of the winter quarter the student will submit the project in the form of a scientific abstract (500 words) with anticipated methods, statistical analyses, power analysis and outcomes. The Program Director will approve the abstract. Once approved, an IRB application must be submitted immediately. The student and mentor will identify two additional readers for the thesis, who together with the mentor, will serve as the student's thesis committee. The student will then collect and analyze the data.

The student will be encouraged to write a first author manuscript summarizing his/her work and submit that manuscript for review. This manuscript can then be modified to meet the University standards for thesis submission and serve as the thesis. If a manuscript is not written and submitted, the student must still present a written thesis for consideration of degree completion. All students will present their work publicly in May prior to graduation. The mentor and at least one reader must sign the completed thesis document suggesting that a majority of the committee had accepted the thesis. There are no written or oral qualifying exams for the program.