Clinical Research: Admission Requirements

This program is targeted to health care professionals with advanced degrees including MD, PhD or PharmD degrees. Students with other degrees including nursing degrees and experience in clinical trials may also apply. Many students in the program are physicians in fellowship programs at Rush and Stroger Hospital. Students seeking admission to the MS, major in Clinical Research, program must complete an application, provide formal transcripts from college and professional degrees. The deadline for application is generally June 15th, although exceptions generally occur. Applicants must enter the program in the fall quarter, which starts early September. The majority of students applying to this program are current health professionals, and if an advanced health professional degree is documented, no entrance examination is required. If a professional degree is not held, the GRE must be taken or evidence of performance in the 50th percentile in national examinations can be substituted for the GRE (e.g., MCAT scores or DAT).

Applications will be reviewed by the Program Director and students will be notified when they are accepted. Before matriculating into the program, the individual responsible for the student's time (e.g. fellowship training director) must agree, in writing, that the student will be available for classroom work and IRB attendance to ensure that no conflict exists between class time and clinical responsibilities.

Tuition for Rush University Medical Center employees and its affiliates is $5,000/year. Individuals who are not employees of Rush University Medical Center or its affiliates will pay tuition at the published Graduate College hourly rate. ($424.00/quarter hour)