Anatomy and Cell Biology:
Tuition Waivers/Stipends/Employment

Tuition Waivers/Stipends
Tuition waivers are provided for all doctoral trainees along with stipend support equivalent to NIH guidelines for pre-doctoral fellowships. No tuition forgiveness or stipends are provided to master's students unless they are enrolled concurrently in Rush Medical College in the MD/MS track.

Paid Employment
Outside employment is not permitted under ordinary circumstances. A student who desires to work or needs to work for financial or other reasons is first advised to discuss his/her situation with the research advisor who can best assess potential issues that may relate to conduct of research or other degree requirements. If the student cannot resolve the situation with his/her advisor, the student may petition the Program Director to help arrive at a recommendation that is in the student's best interest. In any case, the Program Director should stand apprised of any instances of employment.