Anatomy and Cell Biology: Admission Requirements

Applicants are encouraged to complete their application files by April 1st preceding the intended date of admission since the course cycle begins in the fall quarter. Applications, however, will be considered on a rolling basis for applicants to the MS or PhD degree program who are enrolled in Rush Medical College and who wish to pursue concurrent MD/MS or MD/PhD program of study or other individuals eligible for advanced standing, e.g. in post-professional master's work.

The Division of Anatomy and Cell Biology seeks students whose backgrounds demonstrate motivation toward research and teaching as well as a capacity for independent study. Consideration is given to the student's area of interest with respect to the expertise of individual faculty.

Preferences for majors in biological sciences should include laboratory experience as well as course experience in anatomy, physiology, cell and molecular biology, and embryology/developmental biology. Students with backgrounds supporting interests in biomechanics or kinesiology should contact the Program Director.

Acceptable academic and test performances (GPA/GRE/MCAT/TOEFL) are dictated by The Graduate College guidelines. Specific divisional admission requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Division of Anatomy and Cell Biology's Graduate Advisory Committee thus giving the student advanced standing in either the master's or doctoral programs.