Medical Physics: Program & Career Opportunities

The Program
The Master of Science, major in Medical Physics, program is offered through the Department of Medical Physics. In order to produce well-rounded, highly competent medical physicists, the curriculum provides training in the physics of radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation protection and radiobiology, as well as in such subjects as anatomy, physiology and computer science. The counterpart Division of Medical Physics in The Graduate College offers a master of science degree with a major in radiological sciences, as well as a doctor of philosophy with medical physics as the area of interest.

Career Opportunities
Medical physics applies the concepts, methods and forces of physics to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Medical physicists work at the forefront of medical science, often in hospitals with or without associated academic programs. They provide clinical physics services, carry out research, give direct assistance to their medical colleagues and help train future medical physicists, resident physicians, medical students and medical technologists.