Medical Physics: Academic Progression

Academic Progression
The graduate program director acts as academic advisor to each new student. The director determines the course schedule with students and monitors their progress. The faculty reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any student whose conduct, health or performance is unsuitable for a health profession. Any such student not voluntarily withdrawing will be dismissed from the University. Only grades of A, B and C in required courses may fulfill degree requirements. Students will be considered in good standing at Rush University unless placed on academic probation. Academic probation is assigned to a student who earns a quarterly GPA between 2.0 or 2.99 inclusive or whose cumulative grade point average falls below a 3.0. Full-time students placed on probation must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater by the end of the next two consecutive quarters. A student who earns a quarterly grade point average below 2.0 will be dismissed from the University. A student who earns a grade of D or F in a required course must repeat the course. Failure to earn a grade of C or better in a repeated course will result in dismissal from the University. In a repeated course, the new grade will replace the earlier D or F grade in the cumulative GPA. A student who earns a grade of D or F in two or more required courses will also be dismissed from the University. Students placed on academic probation will be notified by letter from the department chairperson following a meeting of the Student Progress Review Committee. The letter will explain why the student was put on academic probation and the specific requirements the student must meet to re-establish good standing.

Full-time and Part-time Enrollment
Although the faculty recommends full-time enrollment to maximize the opportunities available to students, part-time enrollment for all, or part, of the program may be arranged.