Health Systems Management: Center for Health Management and Policy Research

The vision of the Center for Health Management and Policy Research is to support evidence-based approaches to health services delivery by conducting high quality research that informs policy and practice. Our center is housed within the Department of Health Systems Management at Rush University.

Our center's work is grounded in interdisciplinary research and focuses on translating research into practice and uses practice as a foundation for research. Our research

  • Facilitates evidence-based decision making
  • Capitalizes on faculty expertise in applied research relating to health services delivery
  • Provides an infrastructure to systematically evaluate the impact of changes in operations and clinical practice
  • Cost-effectively answers management and policy-related questions important to the health care industry

Our research focuses on four key areas:

Health care delivery systems: Studies of the complex internal and external influences that shape health care delivery systems, including competition, globalization, financing, technology, process innovations, and workforce trends.

The patient experience: Studies focusing on identifying evidence-based approaches to improving the patient experience, including patient decision making, facilities and throughput, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes.

Innovations in education: Studies that focus on testing and evaluating new teaching and learning models, methods and outcomes, including interdisciplinary education, and professional education programs for developing countries.

Leadership: Studies that develop and assess leadership capabilities in the administrative, interdisciplinary and governance contexts, including leadership competency modeling, and talent management and succession planning.

For more information about our center, contact Tricia Johnson, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, at (312) 942-7107 or .